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Unforgettable City of Bruges

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Bruges, Belgium. A.k.a "Venice of the North".

Recently I was planning for my trip to Greece, and it suddenly struck me that I have not documented down my previous trip to Europe! So I shall do so here and share with my sweet readers the amazing travel experience I had. :)

My husband and I were too lazy to plan our itinerary this time, so we went for a tour package with  CTC Travel. We signed up with them two weeks before our departure date, so there weren't much discounts/freebies given to us as they were given to my fellow tour mates.

Learn from our mistake, do not leave your travel plans till last minute if you want to have more bargaining power with the travel agents. AND, do not sign on those unconfirmed tours like how we did with another travel agency prior to CTC. If they cannot confirm your tour, or only inform you your tour group did not meet minimum headcount at the very last minute, you may face some unwanted stress. (In spite of that my hubby & I were very chill about it. Since it's a leisure trip, don't stress lah ok!)

The tour is super comprehensive. We covered quite a number of cities:
  1. Rome (Italy)
  2. Florence (Italy)
  3. Pisa (Italy)
  4. Mestra/Venice (Italy)
  5. Innsbruck (Austria)
  6. Vaduz
  7. Lucerne (Switzerland)
  8. Black Forest (Germany)
  9. Heidelberg/Cologne (Germany)
  10. Amsterdam (Holland)
  11. Brussels (Belgium)
  12. Bruges (Belgium)
  13. Paris (France)
In this blog post, I am going to introduce Bruges, because I find that many of the other cities on my itinerary are kind of overrated, but Bruges is less spoken of/reviewed about on my local (Singapore) blogosphere.

Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is located in the northwest of the country. (Source:Wikipedia)

Although I love teaching, but I am not particularly excited about the idea of conducting a history lesson on my blog! LOL. So please click the links above and educate yourself more about Bruges' history & culture.

Letting the pictures do the talking!
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Map of Bruges made of lace!

Singapore Travel Blog
Streets of Bruges on a winter morning

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Canal-based city just looks so quaint, isn't it?

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Zoom in of a one-legged swan. Or was it a goose?
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Some random street art

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Spot the real humans from the fake ones. Haha.

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Wished I had time to ride on the boat cruise. You should if you head to this beautiful city one day!

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Do you wish to live in this? I do.

That's why I pose in front of "my house". Sorry, just had to.

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Burg Square. These horse carriages will take you through the alleys of Bruges.

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Belgium has the best waffles, chocolates and other dessert like these! Don't miss it!

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Fries & waffles, take your pick!

Markt (Market Square)

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Unlike Asia, Europe fresh produce are always huge and juicy!

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Next time you're in Europe or Belgium, do not miss this UNESCO site! It is listed for a reason.
Till then!

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