27 Sept 2021

Review of CLOSE COMFORT Cool Focus and Igloo Tent

Review of CLOSE COMFORT Cool Focus and Igloo Tent by top Singapore lifestyle blogger Faith Tan
With Singapore's tropical climate, the merciless heat and humidity is not exactly conducive for working-from-home and keeping your air conditioner on for 9 hours per day is not sustainable, financially or environmentally. 

Review of CLOSE COMFORT Cool Focus and Igloo Tent by top Singapore lifestyle blogger Faith Tan

Filming beauty tutorials at home without a cool environment is definitely a no-no for the sweaty me, yet long exposure to the cold air of home air-conditioning led to excessive facial sebum on my dehydrated skin (yikes!). With all this issues on my mind, I have been actively searching for sustainable alternatives. Hence, an energy-saving personal portable air-conditioner sounds like an excellent solution!


Review of CLOSE COMFORT Cool Focus and Igloo Tent by top Singapore lifestyle blogger Faith Tan

I have friends who personally recommended CLOSE COMFORT Cool Focus + Igloo Tent to me because they have truly enjoyed using this compact & convenient portable air conditioner and assured me that it is the best option out there!

Cool Focus Portable Air Conditioner (SGD649) is mainly made of plastic on its exterior and has a white glossy finish. There is a front (cold air) and back (warmer air), distinguished by a bigger front flap and a smaller back flap which Close Comfort named them as "air covers". This compact unit measures 55.0cm x 27.3cm x 38.5cm (HxWxD) and weighs 17kg. With quality caster wheels fitted at its base, you won't feel the weight at all. Handles are built at the sides for easy lifting, when necessary,

Igloo Tent (SGD129)

Invented by Close Comfort's founder, this unique Igloo Tent is ingeniously designed to work together with Cool Focus Portable Air Conditioner Unit to up the cooling effect by 12°C. Comes in the latest self-erecting technology, it doubles as a glamping tent and can be fitted onto a double, Queen size and King size bed and act as a mosquito protection net! Setting up and packing away the tent takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, it is almost effortless. Video demonstration and instructions can be found here.

Review of CLOSE COMFORT Cool Focus and Igloo Tent by top Singapore lifestyle blogger Faith Tan

WHY I CHOSE CLOSE COMFORT instead of other portable air-conditioners?

5 Jul 2021

Review of CNP LABORATORY Invisible Peeling Booster and Propolis Energy Ampule


Review of CNP LABORATORY Invisible Peeling Booster and Propolis Energy Ampule

As a beauty blogger and skincare enthusiast, keeping my skin healthy is a top priority. But sad to say, I have not been to a professional facial ever since the pandemic started. Staying safe ranks highest in our list of life priorities nowadays, right?

Since going for regular facials or upkeeping our dermatologists appointments can pose a challenge whenever restrictions are amped up, you & I will have to look for home alternatives to continue keeping our skin in tip-top condition.  

Two weeks ago, I have been invited to a 7 Day Skincare Challenge by CNP Laboratory(You guys know how much I love these challenges!) 

Introducing two of CNP Laboratory bestsellers: 
Invisible Peeling Booster and Propolis Energy Ampule.

Review of CNP LABORATORY Invisible Peeling Booster and Propolis Energy Ampule

Review of CNP LABORATORY Propolis Energy Ampule

Invisible Peeling Booster and Propolis Energy Ampule may be used separately, they do not come in a set. For the purpose of product review, I tried both products day and night together, for 7 days and beyond.

11 Feb 2021

By Terry VIP Expert Palette Paris Mon Amour Review & Swatches

By Terry Paris Mon Amour Review by Singapore Beauty Blogger

It's Spring time and Valentine's season! This year 2020, coinciding with the most lovely season of the year, BY TERRY released another one of their popular limited edition eyeshadow palette, named By Terry VIP Expert Palette Paris Mon Amour.

By Terry Paris Mon Amour Review by Singapore Beauty Blogger
By Terry transports us to Paris with this limited edition palette

The   VIP Expert Palette in Paris Mon Amour contains a total of 10 shades, with a mix of mattes, satin with a couple of slightly more glittery shades. This comprehensive combination of  warmer & neutral shades make it convenient  for layering. Colors include (from top to bottom):

  • Matte light beige
  • Satin cool brown
  • Shimmer baby pink
  • Shimmery soft peach coral
  • Dusty matte brown
  • Dark bronze shimmer
  • Metallic sparkle gold 
  • Shimmery wine plum
  • Shimmery sandy taupe
  • Matte ivory 

8 Feb 2021

Join my #FVTribe today!


Happy 2021!

In a post-pandemic world, what has changed for you?

Many things have changed for me : some major, some small, and most, emotional.

I wish I can chat with you face to face. I wish I can personally say thank you to all of you who have supported Faithy Vanity Table in any way, all through these 6 years.

This February, Faithy Vanity Table celebrates its 6th blog anniversary

It's been a wild ride! I'd always beat myself up for not blogging more. I want to create more writings because writing is my first love, but my time/resources are limited and my attention span on the blog tapered off, shifting my focus more on building a presence on Instagram as the years glided past... 

I think most of you know at the same time, I was  in teaching, juggling between multiple small businesses and passion projects, volunteering at mental health sites (online & local), and FVT has always been just a side hustle - one that takes up a significant part of my time.

But this year 2021, THINGS WILL CHANGE.

Faithy Vanity Table will be revamped. Not just a website design change.


Faithy Vanity Table pivots to another site that welcomes more
likeminded individuals!

If you have heard of BuyMeACoffee.com, you already know the idea behind the site is for creators to share their passion and creations, and the site is an extremely user-friendly one where communities engage and creators are able to receive appreciation for their efforts via their fans' monetary support. In other words, you can donate to your favourite creators over at buymeacoffee.com to support their work.

No, I am not advertising for their website. I am a real happy user because the platform is going to benefit both you and I! And I invite you to see what I am up to over there. 

Your time is precious, so I want to give you a brief heads up of what to expect when you follow me over to the other side.

✔ You get invited to join an exclusive V.I.P. Membership Club that I created for you and for my supporters. You and I are gonna be tight over there. 👊

 ✔ You will see fresh new content that you have NEVER seen me doing before.

✔ You will receive LOADS OF FREEBIES (far exceeding the value of your membership fees) when you decide to join my VIP Club!

✔ You have an opportunity to contribute to my craft and help me sustain Faithy Vanity Table.

✔ You will get to meet and speak to the real me, either LIVE on screen or in person!

ONCE YOU JOIN MY #FVTribe V.I.P Membership Club ($50/year), you immediately receive:

💢 Downloadable ebook "DIY Skincare: Your Stay Home Guide to Healthy, Glowing Skin" (U.P : US$18)
💢 Instant access to all locked membership-only articles & reports (worth more than $500/year)
💢 LIVE 1-1 coaching session with me with a topic of your choice, on Zoom. (worth $70)
💢FREE GIFT of health/beauty products worth $50, couriered to your doorstep (on your birthday month)

I promise you, #NOFILTER over there. It is a SAFELOCKED SPACE (opened to my supporters only) where I share my most honest thoughts about everything like how a friend does. Topics include but not limited to beauty & health, wellness & mental health, love & relationships, unspoken truths about social media community, SG media industry, airline industry; we can even chat about politics, philosophy, religion if you'll let me! 😂 But okay, mainly Beauty, Health & Wellness related topics.

💝What's more, by supporting me, you are also supporting Samaritans of Singapore ! 10% of all sales proceeds will be donated to SOS! This is a way of demonstrating my devotion to the cause of raising mental health awareness in Singapore. I also signed up to be an ad-hoc volunteer there, sign up if you are keen here!

25 Apr 2020

How to Reduce Dark Eye Circles And Puffy Eyes with Natureye Eye Mask


Natureye Eye Mask Singapore Review

Year 2020 saw a rough start with the unfortunate spread of virus Covid-19, and we are in an unprecedented time of uncertainty and sadness. It is indeed challenging for everyone, all around the world.

If you are reading this, I want to tell you that you are not alone


However on this blog post, I am not going to get overly emotional about our current life situation. (There is another space and time for this. And if you feel like you wanna chat with me about this, you know where to reach me!)

Today, I want to introduce you to something I personally LOVE. 
(by me and Beauty Insider)


Link to purchase : https://bit.ly/2xcHLC7
Natureye Eye Mask Singapore Review

Our lifestyle has massively changed and many of us are working from home and for those not working, we too have been increasingly spending more time looking at our screens.

Natureye Eye Mask Singapore Review
How Exposure to Blue Light Affect Our Health
I believe you have read about the various adverse health risks that prolonged exposure to Blue Light can cause us. Even if you haven't heard this before and only got to know about it through the infograph above, don't get too anxious about it! Being aware of this fact and making necessary step-by-step lifestyle adjustments is a good first step to greater well-being.

Natureye Eye Mask Singapore Review
Do you suffer from digital eye strain?
If your work and lifestyle habits revolve around spending a lot of screen time, NATUREYE Eye Mask is made for you!

28 Nov 2019

Luxie Beauty Brush Set Review & Giveaway


Makeup tools are the make or break in our daily makeup routine.

Luxie Beauty Brush Set Review & Giveaway

Introducing cult beauty brand Luxie Beauty.

This beauty brand is no stranger to makeup lovers in the community. For those who are new to this brand, Luxie brushes are known for being vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and they feel as luxurious as they look!

20 Nov 2019

How to do a Vacation-Ready Makeup for your Year End Travels

Holiday Makeup Tutorial Flatlay

Time really flies, isn't it? It's coming to the end of 2019!

I bet many of you have planned for a year end vacation to somewhere nice. For some of us, getting away to nearby countries such as Bali for the weekend may be the most doable option right now. Whatever your travel plans are, I have a easy glam makeup tutorial just for you!

Simple, Glam, Vacation Makeup Tutorial 
: click below :

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