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Faithy's Travel Look Book + Tips on How to Look Fabulous When On a Vacation

Hello Faithy Lovelies!
As you know, I have just arrived home from my long summer holiday. I was blessed to be able to visit quite a few cool cities over a month's time - Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Seoul, San Francisco, Munich and Salzburg.

I hope to have time to do a travelogue series and pen down my travel journey at these fabulous cities, one by one. For now, I'd like to first show you my travel lookbook + a glimpse of the places I covered this month alone, before I end my post by sharing with you some tips on looking good while overseas.

Singapore Travel Blog
Marienplatz, Munich.

Singapore Travel Blog
Hongdae, Seoul.

Singapore Travel Blog
Fira, Santorini.

Singapore Travel Blog
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

Singapore Travel Blog
Oia, Santorini

Singapore Travel Blogger
Mykonos, Greece.

Singapore Travel Blogger
Acropolis, Athens.

Singapore Travel Blogger
Hotel Porto, Mykonos

Singapore best Travel Blog
Some random hotel in Mykonos

Singapore best Travel Blog
McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, outskirts of Athens.

Singapore best Travel Blog
Home Plus, Sindorim, Seoul.

Singapore best Travel Blogger
Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco.


Singapore best Travel Blogger
Fira, Santorini.

Singapore best Travel Blog
Sound of Music - Salzburg, Austria.

Singapore Travel Blog
Schloss Neuschwanstein, Schwangau, Germany,

Top Singapore Travel Blog
Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco

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Porto Mykonos Hotel

Singapore best Travel Blog
COSTCO, San Francisco

Singapore best Travel Blog
Mirabelle Garden, Salzburg, Austria.
Best Beauty Blog
Porto Hotel room, Mykonos.

How to Look Your Best When You're On a Overseas Vacation
I know how pain-in-the-ass travelling sometimes can be. Tours are always scheduled early in the morning - you are barely coping with the jet lag; you struggle to get out of bed on time, yet you have to worry about how you look on your travel photos! But seriously, do not give up on dressing up when overseas ok? You will regret if you didn't take good photos at an amazing vacation spot you may never had the chance to visit again! And I guarantee you will feel depressed if those shots turned out in a way that YOU were the one spoiling your holiday photos! 

So here, I share reminders for you on what to pack, and some tips on how to look awesome for your next overseas vacation! 

  • Always bring along a pair of swag sunglass with you.
  • Pack a few fashion staples that goes well with everything. Eg: a stylish pair of jeans, a trendy cardigan, or summer shorts. Pack light. Mix & Match. Be creative!
  • Put on ONE statement piece of accessory for Instaworthy photos. It can be a bold necklace, or a luxury clutch bag.
  • Put on some makeup on ALL days on of your holiday- you never know when you will take photos!
  • Spray on makeup fixer or facial mist after you're done with your makeup, so it can last you through the day.
  • Pack sleeping mask/facial sheet masks with you. Slap on before you go to bed at night and wake up next morning looking fabulous! (This greatly helps makeup to glide on better too!) I apply sleeping mask on long-haul overnight flights, and wash off before breakfast is served.
  • Remember to shave/epilate/wax before your trip. If your hair growth is rapid, pack a shaver into your luggage!
  • Get a gel manicure done before your trip. If that's too much of a hassle or a luxury for you, just keep your nails short & tidy with a layer of clear varnish. (If you are away for more than one week, do not use normal nail polish. They will look unsightly by end of Day 5.)
  • Want luscious, glamourous hair? Remember to pack a good hair treatment conditioner along! You can relax in a bath tub filled with warm water, and let the steam waft through your hair!
  • For great looking hair everyday, why not invest in a travel-friendly, portable hair straighter/ hair styler like mine? GlamPalm produces the best ones, and they each comes with a sleek pouch!
Wanna know my secret of rocking fabulous hair every day when I was overseas??
My answer is right below!!
My GP 501 straightener can create big waves like this...

... AND C-curls like this! I love my GlamPalm!!!

Order your GlamPalm online and get it delivered to your doorstep the next day!

GlamPalm Singapore 
Remember to key in promo code FAITHY15 upon checkout for S$15 off.

Share with me what are your secrets to looking fabulous when you're on overseas vacation?
Hope you enjoyed this post. Till then!

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  1. That glampalm is on my wishlist.. Still.
    I always love Santorini and Mykonos, lucky you, I hope someday I will go there too with pretty #OOTD like you did ^_^


  2. Beautiful places.. and lucky you to visit these places
    I love the outfit you wore at santorini :)

  3. I love ur outfit especially the one u wore at San Francisco. May I know where u bought? And the sandal u wore is it from Charles & Keith?

  4. Hi dear, the outfit are bought from different places and i can't remember at the moment. Zara is one of them though! Yes the sandals are from Charles & Keith - that was recent so I remember! Haha! Thanks for reading!

  5. You look stunning in all these photographs! I am so glad to see these pictures. Your simplicity took my heart. Thanks for these fashion ideas. It would be very helpful if you could share a couple of company holiday party ideas for an outdoor party! Actually I am very bad in planning parties but I need to host a fun event for my staff.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reading and your kind comment! I am not sure if I understood your request correctly - did you mean holiday party outfit/makeup ideas?

  6. Great post! You look amazing!

  7. Great post! You look fabulous! i love your dressing style!

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