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Milan Travel Tips & Shopping Itinerary under 48 hours + My Personal Updates for 2nd half of 2017

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It has been too long since I wrote anything personal...and I kind of miss connecting with my readers like this, so here comes a post to tell you what I had been and will be up to, for the second half of 2017!

3Day Milan Trip

I followed my partner on his flight to Milan last month (For those who are new here, my hubby is an airline pilot.). We had 3 free days in Milan; as it was a last minute decision for me to join him, I actually didn't prepare a proper travel itinerary. Honestly, even if I do have time to plan a scheduled trip in advance, I wouldn't do it. I am all about #YOLO, you know. Haha! Readers who read my previous trips' notes will know I am quite spontaneous, and well... probably a bit messy.

Shopping in Milan

If you're short of time and have only 48 hours or so, I suggest you banish the thought of sightseeing or taking day trips at all. 


Milan is THE capital of fashion & shopping. Sure... New York, London, Paris, Tokyo have been nominated as fashion capitals as well; but in my humble opinion, MILAN IS KING (Of Fashion) and everyone else is at most, just a Queen. Okay, maybe Paris is on par.

Shops are all over the city and walking streets are longer, busier and more colourful than other cities. This can be a bane if you are short of time coz you will get distracted = waste precious hours.

So, where do you go shopping if you only have 48 hours or less?

1. Piazza Del Duomo

This world-renowned shopping gallery/tourist attraction needs no further introduction. One can't be at Milan and not visit this.

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2. La Rinascente

Target market here: Fans of luxury labels and who prefer a one-stop shop.

You can find most of the major international brands in this eight-storey mall where it offers newer collections. Nothing is cheap here obviously. For beauty junkies, there are a few permium brands/lines not accessible in Singapore. However, to my dismay, Gucci makeup is not available here. (Why!!!) 

Shopping Tip: Sign up for your tourist shopping card online before your trip to enjoy some discounts.
Shopping in Milan Travel Tips

I have visited countless malls in my entire life, and this is an exceptional one I still reminisce, weeks after I returned home. To me, it's almost like an art gallery showcasing all the luxury designer brands and their limited collections of exclusive collaborations with celebrities. No shopping budget? Well, me neither. But who says we can't just be there to admire the impressive designs?

4. Via Della Spiga

This world-famous fashion district comprises of shopping streets intersecting one another, forming a cluster of glitz & glamour. Window shopping feels like a piece of heaven here. As you can see, it is also a perfect spot for OOTD captures. With all the major brands - both designer & contemporary, you can buy the classics as well as the latest season's designs here as many boutiques are in fact, flagship stores in Italy.

Milan shopping blogger

For a comprehensive list of luxury brands and their exact locations, refer to

5. Mass market fashion stores

On a budget and want to snag some good bargains? You either have to hit the back alleys where the smaller local merchants are (they are all over the city so it's hard to pin down on one location); or you may happily settle for popular European mass market labels such as Zara, Mango, Desigual, etc.

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Decked out in apparel from Bershka, bag from Furla, shades from Valentino.

Shopping Tip: Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull & Bear are Spanish clothing brands that are significantly lower-priced here in Milan than in Singapore. They possess a wider array of designs too. Prices at Zara and Mango are more controlled, and not necessarily cheaper than in Singapore; but they do have designs you don't find back home.

6. Outlet Shopping

There are plenty of designer outlet shopping in and around Milan City. I would recommend Serravalle and Foxtown, for its variety, location and prices. 

Singapore Travel and Fashion Influencer

 I'd pick Serravelle Outlet anytime, because can you see how Instagram-worthy this spot is?!

Singapore Travel and Fashion Influencer

Shopping Tip: Obtain travel brochures at Milan Visitor Centre on the first day of your trip to plan your shopping tours more effectively, and also have a feel of which outlet mall suits your needs better. 
Milan cheap Tours

If you are planning to shop at Serravalle, visit the Information Counter first and get your "Fashion Passport" - a tourist shopping 10% discount card. Tell them you are a guest of a hotel at Milan downtown.
Milan Cheap Shopping Tours
IMPORTANT to use this card if you are buying truckloads at Serravalle!
Shopping Tip: Bring along a trolley or a huge shopping bag to carry all your loots. Paper bags are too chunky to lug around for 5 hours, seriously. Remember your passport too! You'll need it for tax refunds.

Shopping Tip: Please do your tax refund! VAT is approximately 20%, but you get back about 14% refund after admin charges, etc. You need to cater 1.5 hours to do your tax refund either at the airport or the outlet's Tax Refund Office. Lines get really long, especially during Summer season.

Milan Cheap Shopping Tours
In case you're wondering how to claim tax refunds, read left side of envelope.
For more locations to shop for luxury products that are tax-refundable, read:

Italian homegrown brands that are cheaper in Milan

Luxury :  Bottega Venetta, Dolce & Gabana, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace, Miu Miu, Marni, Moncler, Moschino.

Contemporary:  Furla, Pinko, Salar. 

I personally find the three contemporary brands mentioned above have the most feminine, quirky, stylish and whimsical bags.

salar bag

salar bag review

pinko bag singapore review
Other Notes: Moschino bags are ridiculously cheap at Serravalle Outlet, so keep a look out for them. Michael Kors are also highly affordable and much cheaper than in Singapore; you will see many MK bags gracing the streets of Milan.

Beauty Shopping

With the convenience of online shopping merchants such as Beautylish, Netaporter, and personal overseas shopper app Airfrov, beauty junkies could literally get their fix anywhere! Many international beauty brands are readily accessible in Singapore, and we have our lucky stars to thank for!

In Milan, do what the Milanos do.

Kiko Milano beauty review

KIKO Milano is a home brand that the Italians are extremely proud of - your gorgeous Milan baes own at least one makeup item from this brand. This popular beauty brand falls somewhere between mid-range and drugstore prices...I should say, mid-range quality makeup at drugstore prices, fitted with a boutique shopping experience! Fantastico!

Kiko Milano beauty review Singapore blog

Armani Beauty isn't much cheaper in Milan than at Shilla Duty Free Singapore , so I suggest making your purchases from Changi Airport departure hall before you fly out, if you can find the shades you want. Otherwise, better luck in Milan!

Review of Armani foundation and lipstick


I don't think I can contribute a lot in this section. I had little time in Milan to hunt for food, so whatever convenient for us worked. Italians are great connoisseurs and chefs, so don't worry about having to eat poor-tasting food. I have never had a single substandard meal for all my trips to different parts of Italy.

Best Food in Milan

Even the seemingly "tourist traps" are not bad at all! I enjoyed the food there, but of course the prices are on the higher side, since it is at the heart of the city.

Best Food in Milan

Best Food in Milan

This is an awesome lobster pasta meal I had at a "crew joint", La Locanda (they offer discounts and freebies to Singapore Airlines crew). It has a cute story behind it - SQ crew refer the name of this sauce as "Hello Kitty" sauce. 


My Personal Updates

Influencer with pets in Singapore
le happy Faithy adopted a pet bunny! More on the upcoming next post.

Fresh coat of Caramel Ash ombre hair color for Fall '17.

Welcoming yet another stylist to the Hair Flamingo Studio family, Ryota!

Ryota-san, or we can just simply addess him as Ryo, is no newbie when it comes to providing excellent hair services. He has many years of experience and he was previously with a famous Japanese salon in Singapore, CLEO HAIR & MAKE. I was ecstatic to be able to get my hair done by him because I know how good he is. Prior to this new haircut & colour, my hair was in an awful shape with black roots regrowth and a pletora of insane colours splashed at my hair ends.

PROMO!! Hurry and book Ryo for your hair appointment! He's always booked so reservations are a must! Quote my name for 20% discount on set menu services! (I have said this million times but you really gotta try their hair treatment which is part of a set menu.)

Nails done by Ye Ni from Etude House Singapore, Vivo City. 
Lash Extensions by La Reine de beaute.

(Quote my names at these places for discounts!)

Thank you for reading this lengthy blog post, my lovelies! You guys have been so supportive throughout my blogging journey. Can't wait to squeeze out more time to share more about my life, travelogues, good deals, beauty reviews, etc. Sometimes I do get 'writer's block'. Maybe let me hear more from you on what you'd like to read next?

FYI, I am travelling to Perth, WA. in mid September for a week. Leave a comment down below if have any good recommendations to make my stay less boring!

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