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Who are you?

Faith Tan is my real name. I am also known as Faithy.

Former school teacher turned Edupreneur. Owns an education business. Also: former flight stewardess now married to a pilot.

They labeled me as a "social media influencer" - the "I" word makes me cringe every single time I say it aloud. 

Some crazier people call me tai-tai (Mandarin for "Lady of Leisure") - they can't be more wrong.

Just a simple girl who dares to dream big... and step-by-step, came to achieve most of her dreams through sheer hard work and God- given opportunities in life. 

You need a lifetime to really get to know me.

Why did you start this blog?

To earn a billion bucks.

Gotcha. LOL. Who are we kidding.

To share my passion about beauty (Check out this video to understand how much of a beauty fanatic I am - to have built a dream vanity for my makeup stash!), to recommend nice things to my readers, or maybe to randomly muse about any trending topic that comes up.  

Seriously it takes MORE than PASSION to maintain a blog like this. To think I am milking money out of this is an insult to me. 

What is your skin tone?

NC25-30. Medium fair with yellow undertones.

What is your skin type?

Sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin type, with pigmentation spots.

How do you rate beauty products?

I give them kisses! Not all beauty reviews end up with a rating though.

Refer to the following legend:

Top Beauty Blog Singapore
Top Beauty Blog Singapore
Top Beauty Blog Singapore
Top Beauty Blog Singapore
Top Beauty Blog Singapore

How did you devise your ratings?

Different products, different focus. Generally, I consider factors such as the texture, ease of use, product packaging, scent and price. For makeup, I will also look at the shades/colours; For skincare, I test its effectiveness  as product claims.

Are you up for collaborations & sponsorships?

It depends. Contact me directly.

I DO NOT review every product I receive. Kindly read my DISCLOSURE POLICY  to help you decide if we can be a good fit!

How do I contact you?

You can use the contact form HERE. OR simply email to faithyvanitytable@gmail.com.

Follow me! (Sometimes, I may respond faster on social media)

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