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Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad Review

By now, if you have been following me for a while, you will know I am a sucker for eyeshadow palettes, especially neutral ones. Palettes are just lovely, aren't they? They have all you need in one pretty box. much are you willing to spend on one little eyeshadow quad?

As my March haul and other buys suggest, I don't have much restrictions on budget for eyeshadows. It's not that I am rich; I am NOT, I have a budget (and I will write more about that, as well as the fun financial-related stuff on my next post. Haha! Did I just say FUN?) but when it comes to eyeshadow, I find myself more laid-back about my moolah.

Last month, I was gifted two eyeshadow quads by my family, on my requests. I feel exhilarated to finally be able to show you some swatches and pen my thoughts about these two products...

(Left) Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad Cocoa Mirage, SGD105 
(Right) Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palatte Dolce Vita£38.00
 Review of Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad
Review of Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad

Review of Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad

Both are very wearable neutrals. Both shades are rather similar too. The key differences are textures- matte (TF) versus glitter/shimmer (CT); prices, quality of powder and the slightly warmer tones of CT palette. 

Swatches will tell the full story...

Swatches of Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad, Cocoa Mirage
Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage

Swatches of Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita
Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita

 My Thoughts on Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage
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Get this look with Tom Ford eyeshadow quad! Read my Makeup Tutorial.

The first touch of this palette screams of luxury in capital L. From the shiny paper box, soft velvet pouch, palette exterior finishing, exquisite brushes - everything feels super luxurious! The feel of the exceptionally smooth powder drives every makeup junkie to instant orgasm. LOL. No kidding.

  • Powder is so finely milled, I dare say there is no other brand who can beat its quality, as of time of writing.
  • Colours suit almost everyone, but may not be as obvious on dark skin.
  • Everyday matte neutral colors that brighten up the eyes without being over made-up.
  • SUPER easy to apply - perpertually GLIDES on quickly like a plane in the sky
  • Pigmented and blendable (what a perfect combi!)
  • The luxurious packaging and good amount of product makes this investment worth its buck.
  • Hefty price tag of SGD105 (which can buy you 26 plates of chicken rice in Singapore)
  • No shimmer in any of the shades, which means it produces an understated kind of look that won't make your eyes stand out (if you're hoping to) 
  • Lasting power is so-so, not something worth mentioning about.

With this price, I can't bring myself to give it a 5-kisses as I am concerned about the pockets of the everyday woman. I do LOVE this product very much because of the high quality and the colours can never go wrong on anyone. In fact, I will repurchase in other colours in future!
 My Thoughts on Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita
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I applied CT eyeshadow with a VERY light hand. I used all 4 colours.
I was considering between this or Vintage Vamp. Eventually got my hubby to buy Dolce Vita as it is of a warmer tone and I thought the gold shimmer shade is just so sexy. Now I kinda regret it! (I have too many similar colours.)

  • Colours are very pigmented and dark - great for smoky eye look
  • Unique inclusion of gold glitter (not the fine type) - good for evenings/parties
  • All shades have shimmers in them - your eyes are sure to sparkle!
  • Price is lower than Tom Ford's (approximately SGD80 after currency conversion)
  • Sophisticated high quality packaging like TF.

  • No brushes! No pouch.
  • A little bit of fallouts from the gold glitter 
  • Colours do not complement well. (IMO, I think they should change the fourth shade to something darker, sans the grayish hue)
  • Not exactly cheap if compared to mid-range eyeshadows which deliver similar results.
  • Not available in Singapore retail market yet. Need to ship from CT website. Shipping costs has to be factored in.
Wanted to rate it better but perhaps I've set too high expectations of this product and even needed to trouble my hubby to hunt this down in London for me - all these factors played a part of this overall rating. If you happen to be in the UK and have not tried CT products before, and if you do not own similar colours, I guess SGD80 is still justifiable for the purchase, just for novelty sake.

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Since I am the sole judge here, I will bestow the title to.....

Review of Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad, Cocoa Mirage
Miss Cocoa Mirage says with beaming pride: "Who can match up to my flawlessly smooth texture?"
For 25 bucks more, I will pick TF eyeshadows over CT any day. Just look at the pouch, brushes and package! Irresistible! I only need a tiny bit per use, and it will last me a lifetime..well, figuratively. I know I will have more use for this compared to the glitter-filled CT palette, as it is really easier to wear matte shades on a daily basis.

Do you have any of the Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads? Or do you have both? What do you think of them? Would love to hear your thoughts! Comment on the box below!

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  1. Lovely post Faith! I have CT Golden Goddess palette and I was definitely expecting more. It is such an ordinary palette. The glitter shade was too rough and did not adhere to my lid very well. I have heard much hype about Dolce Vita and was wondering if I have picked the wrong palette to try. I will not bother with Dolce Vita now.
    Keep up with your good work on your lovely blog!
    Best wishes Sandyxo

    1. Hi Sandy, sorry for my late reply! Tried replying you here a while ago when you first comment but not sure what's wrong with Blogger back then.
      Oh, you also felt the same way with CT! Must be such disappointment, since both didn't work out!
      I read your blog too! Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words! Xx


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