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Get lovely nails at Secret Beauty Hair & Lashes Salon!


Tugged away at a quiet corner of City Plaza, a mall famous for its wholesale fashion shopping, Secret Beauty is a cosy, unassuming salon, providing full manicure/pedicure services as well as eyelash extension services.

Secret Beauty Shop Front

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Take a quick glimpse on the right of the above photo, you will see that their prices are very reasonable.

On the right side of the shopfront lies a display of the sample nail art. The designs are so pretty! Even if I hadn't been following Secret Beauty Instagram for a while, just merely passing by this pretty little nail parlor will certainly draw my attention already.

Let's head into the salon itself and check out its interior!

A partition that separates the manicure area and the lash service area

Where the eyelash extensions are done
Pedicure area

 These cutie little decor indeed liven up the entire atmosphere in the salon. Whimsical, sweet & girly - this is like a mini haven for us ladies!

Owned by the lady boss, Ms Michelle Lim - she is assisted by another staff. Michelle has accumulated several awards & accolades over her years of experience in the beauty industry.


I chose the base colour 005. Recently it seems that this is becoming a signature colour of the salon!

That's the lady boss/ my manicurist of the day - Michelle. Looking pretty even in a candid shot!

Huge TV screen playing KPop, EPop MTVs for your entertainment.
TA-DA! Finished!

  • Price - As you saw from 3rd pic from the top, their price point is exceptionally affordable! My full gel manicure with blings would have cost only SGD80! Their gel manicure + gel pedicure set cost only SGD50! Just quote my name and you will also get 10% OFF their gel nail art.
  • Products Used - Michelle used Japanese products on me. The polishes are mainly from Japan and the nail accessories are from different countries. There is a wide variety of colours & blings to choose from. It's a pity I forgot to take a photo of their full collection of the bling-blings...but trust me, you get 4 HUGE STACKS of blings to choose from. And their crystals, blings, gems, stickers, hooks and whatever you named it - are SO MUCH that you soon become starry-eyed and at a loss of what to choose!
  • Service - I don't know about you, but for me, efficiency is very important. I am often on-the-go and fully-scheduled with appointments, hence a nailist's speed in completing the job is a top priority for me. The Chinese saying 慢工出细货 (Read: Slow work produces excellent results) is somewhat lame, IMO. I think efficiency can go hand-in-hand with excellence. I have hopped around different nail salons and knew that a top nailist can be awesome in speed, design, and quality of nail work. Michelle is one of those nailists! My set was done in less than 1.5 hours! Best of all, no pain/discomfort during nail-filing despite her speediness! Michelle is also friendly person, and you can quickly sense her genuine, laidback, generous personality after engaging in a short conversation with her. (No pushiness to sign any package.) Her repertoire of customers includes famous personalities and celebrities. She personally provides both nail and lash services to her customers.
  • Quality of finished work - In this case, "A picture says a thousand words" so I believe you can give your own rating looking at the picture above. If one pic is not enough, here is another one below.
At time of writing, my manicure has been 10 days and it still looks EXACTLY the same as Day 1 - shiny & all blings intact.

  • Location & Ambience - As proven in my above shots, the salon interior exudes a princessy, girly feel and the seats are comfortable. I love looking at those cuties decor! City Plaza is located within walking distance of Paya Lebar MRT station and there are buses taking you to right to its doorstep as well. Taxi stand is situated next to the bus stop, so it is convenient to hail a cab too. City Plaza has been around for many years, therefore the exterior of the building looks somewhat dated. It is a relief to say that although the address of the salon is 810 Geylang Road, it is a long distance away from the red-light district. For ladies not familiar with this part of Singapore, you have nothing to worry about!


Other Information:

Secret Beauty
Address: 810 Geylang Road City Plaza #01-38
Contact number: 6841 1940
Michelle's Mobile: 9368 0507

**Quote "Faith Tan Blogger" for 10% off nail art services, OR enjoy a set of gel mani & pedi at SGD50 only!

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