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First Impressions of Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection


Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection

BEVY C. skin care, one of the most reputable skin care products in Taiwan, has been engaged in this industry since 2012. They are particularly well known for their pre-make up skin care series and are actively into global expansion. BEVY C. now has over 30 shops in Taiwan, cosmetic counters in Malaysia, a Singapore online mart, and over 13 retail sales in Hongkong LOG ONFinger shopping in OK shops and also in Hongkong airport. 
The brand, BEVY C., has recently launched in the Singapore market.

If you are into Taiwanese variety shows, you will be very familiar with the ever-so-popular beauty edu-tainment show, "Lady First 女人我最大". There were a few episodes that the beauty gurus/makeup artists on the show demonstrated makeup looks on celebrities using Bevy C. products. And that was how I first got acquainted with this brand.

BEVY C. focused product research in 3 major fields:
1. Skin in endurance of wearing long-term makeup
2. Essential skincare for pre-makeup
3. Creating perfect and long lasting makeup

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Their bestselling line is the pre-makeup Lumiwhite collection which focuses on skin care before makeup. NOTE: Bevy C. pre-makeup skin care is not limited to pre-makeup use only; you may also use it as your daily skin care routine without makeup as well.

 Lumiwhite Collection

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review 

I was blessed to be gifted a set to review. After religiously using all four products for 10 days (once a day before makeup), I thought it might be useful to share my first impressions of this collection.

This collection features 4 key products (application order as below):
1. Lumiwhite Moist Up Lotion
2. Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir
3. Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir for Eyes & Lips
4. Lumiwhite Moist Up Emulsion

Step 1: Lumiwhite Moist Up Lotion

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review
After cleansing, apply Moist Up Lotion with a cotton pad or pat on face.

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review
Denser than watery toners.
MY 1ST IMPRESSION : Used as a toner/softener after cleansing step. Feels slightly sticky on the hands, but readily absorbed into the skin. Skin is instantly brightened with just one swipe! My face felt softer and more supple too, even without the following steps.

Step 2: Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

MY 1ST IMPRESSION : Like a hydrating cum brightening serum, this feels really lightweight and my skin eats this up in an instant. If I may say so, this is the MAGIC of the entire line. No wonder it is their star product. This bottle is the key to prepping your skin for dewy yet long-lasting makeup! If you intend to skip out on any product, this is The One that you cannot afford to skip!

Step 3: Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir for Eyes & Lips

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review
Slight yellowish tint - fret not, that's the normal colour!

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review
Leaves a light film on the skin as a protective & hydrating barrier
MY 1ST IMPRESSIONUnlike its face serum counterpart, this eyes & lips serum literally sits on the skin after drying and doesn't feel like it ever gets absorbed into deeper parts of the skin. However, the film isn't sticky or oily- it feels rather lightweight as well, but it just deliver real moisture. My eyes & lips has no marked improvements. Well, in fact, sad to say, my lips gained a few more lines after using this for a week.

Step 4. Lumiwhite Moist Up Emulsion

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review

MY 1ST IMPRESSION : Until now, you'd have noticed I repeated the adjective "lightweight" several times. And this is what Lumiwhite Moist Up collection is all about! All of them are hydrating, watery, emollient and not heavy at all; and that includes the last step in the line - the moisturizer! Easily spread onto the skin, this non-greasy formula is best suited for combination skin types or for people who want their makeup to last longer. Note that this isn't heavy-duty moisturizer, it is an EMULSION; meaning, if you have extremely parched or mature skin, this is not enough for you. Your makeup is not going to glide on well. On the opposite, if your skin is oily/combination, it will thank you for this!



Using the Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir, add ONE drop to your usual foundation/BB cream/CC cream.

Bevy C. Lumiwhite collection Review


I am really happy to be introduced to this brand, and in particular, this star collection Lumiwhite Moist Up. It is the first (and possibly the best!) complete range of products that focuses on pre-makeup skin care available in the market right now. As a makeup junkie/heavy user, I understand the importance of prepping your skin well for your makeup to look its best. Skin is just like canvas for your makeup; so imagine you are painting a picture on a rough, bumpy piece of paper - what is going to happen to your end product?

Just like how it has positioned itself, this range of products is indeed the saviour to heavy makeup users! My makeup stayed on longer without sliding/greasing-up, and my foundation exudes a subtle glow without the unwanted shine. I managed to look like a Korean... with Taiwanese skin care! Hahaha!

After regular usage, my skin condition improved over time. My skin has less bumps, clearer, brighter and is not as oily as before. I gladly conclude that this range WORKS FOR MY SKIN, and I am totally happy with it.

For more information, visit their official website (written in Chinese):  http://www.bevyc.com/ 

For Singapore sales, visit: http://www.brainmanholdings.com/product-category/bevy-c/ 

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