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Review of ORIGANI God's Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel and God's Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser


Best organic skincare products

Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser review
Two popular best-sellers of Organi, Singapore.

ORIGANI is one of the few brands that offers luxury organic skincare in Singapore. As one ages with grace & wisdom (yes, talking about yours truly here. LOL), one gradually appreciate high-grade natural ingredients more & more. I have been actively seeking out good quality organic skincare products for a while now, but none has caught my fancy until the day Organi Singapore graciously sent me two best-selling products from their God's Nectar Honey line.

Side Note: The name of the shop is known as Organi Singapore and the products under Organi are their basic range products. However, they carry another brand (a more upmarket series) called Origani. Origani consist of a few different lines of products such as Dermassure Clear & Calm, Brightening, Ageless by Nature, Repertoire for Men and God's Nectar.

After trying these two products for a month, I decided to review them here.

1. God's Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser
best organic facial cleanser

best organic facial cleanser

Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser review

Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser review

This cleanser contains honey enzymes and like a normal cleanser, it can be used on a daily basis. Honey enzymes are able to penetrate deep into the skin and removes all the dirt. And since it does not contain alcohol or soap (foam-less) it leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Apart from that, this cleanser contains toner that helps to tighten the pores after the wash; preventing blackheads or pimples from forming. The cleanser will last for 6 months with twice a day usage.

Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser review


Non-foaming cleansing gel usually don't work for me as I have combination/oily skin - they just don't feel clean enough. My initial thought was this wouldn't work as well, but boy, was I wrong! Despite a lack of foam, after massaging about 5 pumps onto my entire face and rinsing it off with warm water, my face feels clean without any feeling of tightness. Still not convinced it can provide any further benefits, I continued to use and even welcomed my mother to try it once.

END RESULT AFTER ONE MONTH : Clean, balanced, hydrated skin with reduced oiliness. Less breakouts. Amazingly, my mom also thinks it is fabulous! So I conclude this cleanser suits both dry/mature or normal/combination skin type. Quite taken aback by its excellent results, really. Highly recommended to people with a higher skincare budget or if you're looking for high quality organic cleanser safe for long-term use.
Another cost-saving advantage is, you can skip toner after cleansing with this God's Nectar Daily Glow Toning Cleanser. It contains toner and the toning effect is quite visible after your skin is has been towel-dried. 

Price: SGD 140



 2. God's Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel

Review ORIGANI God Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel

Review ORIGANI God Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel

Best peeling scrub

Review ORIGANI God Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel

Review ORIGANI God Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel

This peeling gel exfoliator is very gentle to the skin as the key ingredient, Manuka Honey, is able to remove 97% of the dead skin without stripping off the skin's natural moisture. The base of the product is water, thus it won't leave skin feeling oily or greasy. Some other important ingredients in this product are:
  • Honey extract - Honey enzymes remove the dead skin. 
  • Manuka honey - special honey from New Zealand that heals the skin. 
  • Aloe Vera - helps to relax the skin after cleaning, also provides vitamin E and C
  • Seaweed - rich in antioxidants which help to rejuvenate the skin.
This peel will last up to 12 months with once a week usage.
Review ORIGANI God Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel


Prior to this product trial, I already knew Manuka Honey has natural exfoliation properties and it possesses the ability to remove impurities thus unveiling cleaner, smoother skin. I used to experiment my acne-filled skin with application of real Manuka honey (gosh I could still remember how panicky I felt when a drop of honey dripped down onto my floor) and it did fight off some of the inflammation and my skin felt cleaner too. Hence, this Gentle Peel is almost like a dream-come-true for me, in a jar form, sans the ant-enticing sweetness. :)

Just as its claims, this product indeed delivers "unbrasive exfoliation and supreme hydration for a more youthful, fresher appearance."  After each usage, my face feels deeply cleaned, soft, soothed & well-moisturised. There is no appearance of redness that could result from some harsher AHA/BHA peels, since this is an all-natural high-end product.

Like all peeling gels, I am uncertain if the white flaky bits are actually dead skin per se. In any case, whatever works, isn't it? I am happy enough when my skin becomes radiant, smooth, cleaner without any dryness after every usage...and this Manuka Honey Gentle Peel does it for me!

One downside of this product is the method of application. You need to remember pat dry your skin before applying the Gentle Peel, and you also need to let product set into skin for 15 seconds before giving your face a gentle massage. At times, there are not much flaky bits coming off and this can lead to more rubbing in hope to see more "dead skin" - DO NOT DO THIS, PLEASE. Skin can become irritated if you rub profusely in a prolonged manner. The first time I used this Gentle Peel, there were white specks of what-seemed-like dirt under my nose after rinsing. I suspect it might be the way I rubbed, or I have used it incorrectly.

THE CORRECT WAY (Pic taken from ORGANI official website):

Review ORIGANI God Nectar Manuka Honey Gentle Peel

Price: SGD 160




ORIGANI products can be purchased directly on their website HERE. They ship fast, and have pretty awesome customer service & returns policy, so feel free to shop online! Alternatively, you can visit their stores in 5 locations in Singapore to sample some of their products before you buy! Happy shopping, lovelies!

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  1. I love Organi.. It's very healthy for the skin. It can be advantageous in the long-run to use organic products :)

    1. Great you like it! I love it too👍🏼


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