Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Review of CATALINA GEO’s Color Capsule Make Up Base in BLUE


In my February BNT Beauty Box, there are three items and two are makeup primers. This face primer is one product I have reviewed before, (but that was in the old packaging) in another colour. This is in blue, which is mainly for those who prefer fairer, brighter complexion.
Please click HERE to read more product information and my thoughts about this product - I will not be repeating the same information. Generally, my opinions towards this makeup primer hadn't change; and the formula is the same, only the packaging box has been revised.



As clearly pictured in the above, this blue primer provides a brightening base for dull skin types. My skin indeed become at least 2 shades fairer upon a thin layer of application.

I still do not like this primer, as I have reviewed previously for the green one. However, at least this blue one suits my skin tone better and did not leave a ghastly tone at the end of the day.


Price: 47,000 Won
Too Cool For School Hot Girl Lash in Vivid Royal Blue

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