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Review of Bottega Verde La Mia Crema

Review of Bottega Verde La Mia Crema Singapore

Bogetta Verde, unlike Bottega Venetta, is relatively new in Singapore. Launched in 2015 in Singapore, this brand originates from my favourite country - Tuscany, to be exact, Bogetta Verde was founded in a country side area of Tuscany with the business of using only natural ingredients in their products.

I was invited to the launch of the bespoke cream  Bottega Verde La Mia Crema a month ago, and went through a skin analysis with their professional consultant before the boutique sends my details back to Bogetta Verde laboratory in Rome to customise my face cream. Was so pleased that I also get to select the scent I like!

Review of Bottega Verde La Mia Crema Singapore

As you can see from the picture, there are three notable ingredients included in my jar of goodness - Phito x.2., Fomes Officinalis and Hyaluronic Acid. I will not talk about the last ingredient as I believe most of you possess ample knowledge about it already since it is used in almost every skincare product in the market.

So what exactly is Phito x.2. and Fomes Officinalis?

 Phito x.2.
  •  A multi-vitamin containing Shea Butter and Avocado
  • Rich in vitamin A, C and E.
  • Anti-oxidazing and moisturising properties
Fomes Officinalis

  • Tree trunk fungus (mushroom to phrase it nicely) extract
  • Comes from Eastern Europe, used in France
  • Astrigent properties -reduce pore size 
  • Lasting hydrating action
The face cream contains SPF 15, so it is meant for day use only.

Review of Bottega Verde La Mia Crema Singapore

Review of Bottega Verde La Mia Crema Singapore
Half the hand is swatched with the cream

Review of Bottega Verde La Mia Crema Singapore
My face with nothing but La Mia Crema only.


Having used my customised Bottega Verde La Mia Crema regularly for three weeks, I have yet to see marked improvements on my facial skin. However, it did not break out my acne-prone sensitive skin and for that, I will continue using to see if it works well. The plus points about this product are, it produces instant brightening effect and contains low SPF so it can double up as an excellent primer without clogging up your skin like many makeup primers do!

I love the scent I chose - it's floral, light and fresh. Reminds me of a relaxing garden walk during late Spring in France! Haha! If you love products from Philosophy or Fresh, I think you will like the scent selection from Bottega Verde.

Texture can feel a little thicker since it is not a lotion, it is a face cream. For a face cream, the consistency is considerably lightweight though I wished the product can spread easier. But I won't complain because products that spread smoothly usually are loaded with silicones and please, nobody want so many silicones on the face right?

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This is my face with La Mia Crema and a layer of foundation on top.
Bottega Verde is located at #02-454 (North Wing), Suntec City and #01-56, Waterway Point. Besides skincare, the brand carries hair care, body care and makeup too!

For more information, visit or follow them on their Singapore Facebook page.

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