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Review of Eyelash Extensions at Emerald Allure - mention Faith for unlimited lashes promo SGD99!


In the past, I was never a fan of lash extensions. Main reasons are the resources necessary to upkeep the beauty of the lashes; and also because I do enjoy putting on mascara and reviewing them too. For heavy makeup users like me, usually there is a need to return for lash extension touchup services in less than two weeks' time - totally bleh.

Recently I followed my husband on a business trip to Brisbane, and since it was a short stay, I felt the need for lash extensions as I don't want to spend too much time on makeup. My friend knew I was looking to do up the lashes, so she connected me to a beauty salon which has gain much popularity on their lash extensions services - Emerald Allure.

Located at two locations currently - Roxy Square and Punggol, they provide a repertoire of beauty services that includes lash extensions, facial, manicure/pedicure, henna brow, eyeliner embroidery and even bridal makeup services.

To give you an idea how big the difference is with and without eyelash extensions, I decided that it is useful to include my selfies in all kinds of makeup situations, so you can make fair comparisons.

No lash extensions, no makeup

No lash extensions, light makeup & mascara

So my above shots are without eyelash extensions. Now let's see how Emerald Allure's eyelash extensions transform my eyes and my looks.

Day 1: Just stepped out of Emerald Allure. Light makeup.
Day 2. With makeup.

Day 4: No makeup.
Remember at the beginning of this blog post, I mentioned I never did like doing lash extensions? Now, I have a complete change of heart - all thanks to Emerald Allure! Call me a lash extensions addict now. :)

A picture says a thought words, right? Besides I have so many pictures. I believe those who have eyes to see, can totally tell the EPIC MAJOR DIFFERENCE eyelash extensions did to my looks!

Best part is, I don't need eye makeup at all to look pretty!

I have been to other lash extensions service providers before, so why do I highly recommend Emerald Allure?

  • Affordability - with prices at SGD60 for a set natural lashes, their prices are reasonable and doesn't hurt the pockets so deeply.
  • Comfort - practically ZERO discomfort during the process where the therapist work on your lashes. (Trust me, there are other salons out there who can make you tear up during the process of extending your lashes.). The lashes used were also super lightweight, with no pulling sensation at all - your brains are practically tricked into thinking these are your real lashes.
  • Long lasting - It's been two weeks and I see no need for me to return for touchups! My friend's lashes lasted for 7 weeks with just one touchup.
  • Friendly, efficient service - both Elayne and Frennie are very approachable and easy to talk to. And they have superb skills that has garnered loads of authentic, positive reviews from real customers. Read the reviews HERE. You can check their Facebook and Instagram for further reviews!
Easties like me will rejoice. They have a home-based salon at Punggol and a retail salon at Roxy Square, a mall next to Mercure Hotel Roxy Singapore.

In case you think my lashes are not pretty or my photos are not sharp enough, here are my friends' photos. Yes, my friends' lashes are done by Emerald Allure too!

Photo credit: My friend, Lyn.

Photo credit: My friend, Agnes.
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Roxy Square II : 8685 0822
Punggol (Home-Based): 9220 0505

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