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Beauty News: GUINOT launches Hydraderm Cellular Energy skincare machine + Review of Hydradermie Youth Treatment


Guinot Singapore facial review
I still fondly remember when I was a student in my late teens/early twenties, I used to treat myself to facials at beauty salons along Orchard Road when I have extra bucks to spare. There were a few big brand names of salon-brand facials that I wished I could afford long-term packages for back then because they were proven effective; and one of those was the French beauty brand Guinot.

Fast forward some years, I was ecstatic when I heard about a new innovation developed by Guinot's President & CEO, Jean-Daniel Mondin - Hydradermie, a machine that serves as an alternative to aesthetic medicine by providing quick, painless and affordable treatments. 

Facelift, botox, fillers-like skin, with no side effects and no pain? YES PLEASE!!

Guinot Singapore facial review
I was invited to the headquarters office of Guinot Singapore to try out the Hydraderm Cellular Energy skincare machine where one of the two treatments can be experienced: Hydradermie Youth Treatment OR Hydradermie Lift Treatment. My Guinot Beauty Therapist, Ms Alicia (also the Trainer of Guinot Singapore), diagnosed my skin to be more suitable for Hydradermie Youth Treatment. This treatment's expected results are: firmer, radiant, visible rejuvenated skin.

Guinot Singapore facial review

Guinot Singapore facial review

Guinot Singapore facial review
The therapist selects the gel serum according to individual skin's needs: moisturising, anti-aging, purity, etc. You can see from the above photos that Guinot have a wide range of selection for different skin needs. For me on that day, my therapist chose moisturising gel due to my skin surface dehydration.

The 1-hour treatment is divided into three phrases:

1. Dynamic Ionisation
The machine's massage rollers release a current that helps the skin absorb the gel serums easily. Therapist then uses the massage rollers to focus on areas which appear saggy, in order to bring firmness and vitality.

2. Oxygenation by Thermal Electrode
Gentle heat and an oxygenating cream is carefully applied on the skin. Together, they boost the skin's cells and restore its radiance.

3. Relaxing Massage
Using the machine and the therapists' hands, the facial features are smoothened and relaxed to improve circulation.

BEFORE (No Makeup)
Guinot Singapore facial review

Guinot Singapore facial review


The results on the photos speak for itself! My face looks firmer and feels tighter - I can finally see a slimmer, V-shaped face after so many months of chubbiness (Yes, I put on much weight this year, sadly.) Not only the firmness, but I could see an instant glow right after the treatment! My post-acne marks were also visibly lightened.

I think credit must be given where it is due - my therapist is very experienced (But of course! She's the trainer of Guinot Singapore beauty therapists!) so she could customize products based on my skin needs, right down to a tee. Do you know in one single treatment at different points - purifying, moisturising and brightening products were ALL used on my face? That's how my face became so clean, bright and young-ish after 50 minutes! Alicia also took care of my neck lines when I briefly mentioned they were my concern as well.

I was really impressed by the fact that no extractions were needed, NO pain and ZERO discomfort from the machine... yet the end results were better than a traditional/manual facial. I heard the results of firm & radiant skin can last as long as 10 days!


So this was how my skin looked like the next day...

Guinot Singapore facial review
No makeup.

Guinot Singapore facial review
With light makeup

A light swipe of BB cream and a dash of lipstick = good to go! No needles needed, no painful extractions/IPL/electrodes etc. Thank you, Guinot!

Read more about Guinot Hydradermie Youth Treatment HERE.

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