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Reviving my skin with Caring Skin : A Review of Facials at Caring Skin


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Remember earlier this year 2016, my skin was in a pretty tiptop condition? Yes, I admit that these photos are taken with selfie mode on my camera, but my skin on photos wasn't too far from real life. However, good times don't last. Good skin days happened in the first half of the year, until I got a massive breakout during the course of my home renovations in July...and from then on, my skin condition continued to deteriorate.

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(Photo taken in August with thick full-on makeup)

Just to slowly ease you in, my above photo was me wearing 3 layers of foundation + high coverage concealer. Spent like 35 minutes just on this base makeup alone! And you are still able still see the bumps on the side of my face. It's true what they say - no amount of makeup can hide bad skin. It was a horrible period of my life similar to my first breakout episode many moons ago. I couldn't stepped out of home without concealer & base makeup at all.

During September to October, I was contemplating to go back to visit my dermatologist but I hesitated because I was reluctant to start another dose of antibiotics or to go through acid peels. I wished there is a more natural way my skin can receive treatment yet have quicker healing...that's when God answered my prayers. Caring Skin approached me to offer me some help with my skin through their facials!

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore

Conveniently situated in the heart of Orchard Road (International Building, just next to Shaw Centre), Caring Skin is Singapore’s first and only Dr Renaud’s beauty institute. Dr. Renaud has been working since 1947 to provide customers with certified organic products made from only the most natural and finest plant and marine extracts. Dr. Renaud products are suitable for the most sensitive skin, and have been certified to be free of : parabens, synthetic colorants, synthetic perfume and mineral oils, with NO animal testing whatsoever. It is one of those organic professional beauty salon brands that speaks to my heart the most and I have been wanting to try for ages.

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore
Skin analysis machine at Caring Skin.
(Photo credit:

Upon first entering the premises of Caring Skin, I was warmly greeted by their all-female staff and was served a tea of my choice. Next, they analysed my current skin condition with their skin analysis machine. Apart from the obvious breakouts, my skin surface was severely dehydrated and my skin tone was uneven. A myriad of facial skin concerns, I must say!

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore
The treatment rooms are cosy & mimalistic; and the beds made me feel snug like a bug in a rug.

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore
(Photo taken on 14 October, right before my first facial session with Caring Skin.)
I wasn't joking when I tried to ease you in by showing you my better-looking-with-makeup-selfie earlier on... Now you can clearly see how bad my breakouts were in mid October.

At Caring Skin, you never know what you are in for until you lie on the treatment bed! Their friendly & well-trained professional aestheticians will recommend a customised treatment for you, according to your skin condition of the day. They have over 50 different treatments catered to different skin types including their popular Caring Skin Signature Treatments. You can look up more into their treatments HERE.

I have personally tried Nano Perfector treatment (For baby smooth, refined skin texture), Collagen Veil (An ultra-moisturizing anti-aging facial to replenish hydration) and Silkpeel Dermal Infusion (machine-based facial peel with organic solutions instead of chemical acids). Out of the three, I was most often recommended Collagen Veil due to my skin surface dehydration problem being one of the causes of my acne outbreak.

Alternating between Nano Perfector (U.P: $280) and Collagen Veil (U.P: $200) was one of the most optimal routes to go for my entire 3 months' course of facials. I loved both treatments!

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore
 (Photos taken at my 5th facial session, on 27 Dec 2017)
Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore

After going through 5 sessions over a duration of 2.5 months, 95% of active acne had been cleared up. Scarring and dark marks were remarkably lessened or lightened. Not convinced? See below.

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore

  (Disclaimer: Photos have NOT been filtered or edited.)


Heartfelt gratitude to Caring Skin for not only caring for my skin, but also for extending that warmth & care as individuals. Delighted to have developed new friendships during these few months with the staff at Caring Skin. Their genuine & meticulous service really touched one's heart! I haven't asked, but I assumed all the aestheticians must have undergone some rigorous training under a certain S.O.P - the massage strokes, the speed of extraction, skin analysis & recommendation of treatments, the amount of product and tools used etc. are somewhat standardised across different aestheticians. This consistency in service standards is something I don't often see at other facial salons. So you are in safe hands with any aesthetician at Caring Skin! For me on a personal level, aesthetician Ms. Apple had become my familiar regular choice.

I won't try to bluff anyone by saying the extractions are painless - I haven't experienced zero pain extractions in my life as yet. With the obnoxious amount of pimples and clogged pores on my face, it is fair to say that Caring Skin's extractions are very through with minimal pain. No pain no gain may sound cliche, but I totally buy it!

How my skin looks today: 
Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore
 No base makeup nor concealer
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 Wearing a light layer of foundation and some concealer


Try the Collagen Veil Treatment at only $88 (U.P: $200) when you quote <Faith Tan> ! Receive a FREE hydration booster (worth $88) on top of it if you book between Monday to Friday, 11am to 5pm.
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360 Orchard Road,
#07-07A International Building
Singapore (238869)

Contact no: (65) 6737 7797

For more information, head over to their WebsiteInstagram and Facebook.

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