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SS Shiny Hair Curler Korea Review : Are those Qoo10 cheap hair curlers worth your time?

Ever thought of owning a hair gadget that can help you manage your flat, limp hair better (but at a more affordable price)? I suspect with the humidity levels in Singapore, half of you my lovely readers here will be answering a resounding "YES"!

We all dream of beautiful flowy tresses - some of us wished we look half as beautiful as those Korean actresses we see in drama with natural big waves or cute chic curls.

For example...
Song Hye Kyo
If you think Korean celebrities are all born with natural beautiful wavy locks, then I am sorry to burst your bubble - you're freaking wrong. Most if not all, of them have a personal hairstylist who takes care of their hair and style them into perfection every single time they go for a shoot.

As normal people, we probably don't have such luxury of a 24-hour personal human hairstylist on standby. The best alternative to this will be a good electronic hair gadget to assist us in this matter.

I have owned several straightening irons & hair curling tongs throughout my life of vanity. (Haha!) And in my opinion, a good hairstyler must be:

1. Easy to Use
2. Handy & Convenient (I travel a lot, and the last thing I need is something bulky to take up luggage space.)
3. Versatile in creating various hairstyles
4. Affordable or at least, value-for-money.

With these criteria in mind, I had never stopped my quest for the next better hairstyling tool... and I unexpectedly came across something interesting on Qoo.10 while shopping online for household items...

SS Shiny SMART QUEEN Hair Curler Korea 
(NEW Wireless 2017 Version)

My hand is there for you to have a rough gauge of the size of this hair curler. It measures about 27cm long and weighs 170g, which is pretty handy & tiny for my hands actually.

It comes in a box, a low quality white pouch (which I threw away upon receiving it), a charger and charging cable. The cable is just a normal cable that we use to charge your Samsung phones & tablets. The charger is two-pin and requires an international adapter for it to plug into our Singapore socket.

For more product information, please click HERE.

It has three selections for level of heat, as well as a battery level indicator. It claims to be made of gold diamond ceramic coating. Gold-in-colour yes, ceramic...yes, diamond, I have no idea. Seriously, it cost me merely a total of SGD 57.00 including shipping fees, so I don't expect to see real diamonds you know. 

Anyway, let us explore some of the hairstyles I successfully created with the gadget!

Sweet Typical Korean C-Curl Hairstyle

This takes about 15 minutes or less, and needs minimal skills (Just keep brushing your hair inwards). I was very thorough with the curling - I sectioned my hair into 4 levels and further divided them into few more handfuls before I started to curl each handful. 100% battery was used up to recreate this hairstyle.

Sexy Big Curls

Forget sexy. "Sexy" and Faith hardly roll together. 

This is my feeble attempt to curl my hair outwards to produce a more voluminous "big hair" kinda waves. I don't know how you feel about this hairstyle, but seriously, I don't like it enough. And to top it off, I spent 20 minutes of my life on something that didn't last beyond the 3rd hour.
Youthful College Girl Look

With my actual age wayyyy past college age, I feel a bit uneasy posing with a pink bear and wearing my hair in a ponytail. Nonetheless, I am happy to show you girls how this could work too, if... let's say, you're living in your university hall and want to impress your boyfriend who is visiting you at your room. I think he could find this look adorable & endearing. Ahem.


Jokes aside, I find this SS Shiny SMART QUEEN Hair Curler Korea a pretty cool invention because it is not exactly a hair curling tong, nor is it a straightening iron. It is a cordless hair brush with heat mode to make your hair brushing more effective. This can tame your frizzy tresses and it has the potential to inject volume into the crown of your hair, and it is likely to give you nice C-curls too, provided you know how to use it.

I wouldn't depend on it to create nice S-curls or big wavy hair. It is too much work to twist and turn and risk getting your hair entangled in the brush! And if you have longer hair, I highly recommend you to not try it at all because the battery power won't last till you finish your entire head of hair. 

  • Travel-friendly size.
  • Cordless spells convenience
  • Pretty pink color. (Comes in chic blue colour too)
  • Cheap! SGD51 before shipping only!
  • User-friendly. There's only one button to operate!
  • Can be used while charging and vice versa.
  • Minimal hair damage if you religiously apply heat protector prior to curling.
  • Reasonable quality at this price point. (Been a month since I bought it and intensively used it)
  • Curls doesn't last beyond 3 hours. Under bad weather conditions, maybe less than 30 minutes.
  • More effective on shorter hair.
  • Long hair = high risk of entangled hair, which can result in hair loss.
  • Only C-curls will work properly. A little challenging to create other hairstyles
  • Short battery lifespan. One use = one charge (for long hair)
  • Incompatible plug for use in Singapore. You need to separately purchase an international adapter.

So, will I recommend this hair styling tool at all?

Yes, only to those with shoulder length or bob/lob hairstyles.  And also to jetsetters who wants a travel-friendly hair brush that can maintain your curls a little.

 My straight hair before using SS Shiny Hair Curler

C-curls I created on a flight 10 mins before aircraft landing

I think it's awesome to use on a flight, before you land into your destination country and want to look picture-perfect for photo-taking upon arrival at airport. It is a great complement to the bulky but professional (and probably high-end, expensive) curling tong or hair straightener you already owned.

However, if you're really picky about how your hair must look...and you're looking for a legit hair gadget that works under all conditions and boasts of high quality + good reviews, please consider a hairstyler from GlamPalm. 

Read more about my thoughts of Glampalm HERE.

TIP: To maximize the use of any electronic hair styling gadget, especially SS Shiny Hair Curler, you first got to have a good haircut. Hair shouldn't have too many awkward layers, and hair length must be kept to an optimum! Too short or too long of a hair length can be a challenge for you to effectively operate your beloved hair gadget.

My latest haircut with Hair Studio Flamingo
For good haircuts without an overkill of weird layers, do visit Ayumi or Ryu from Hair Studio Flamingo. Quote <Faith> to enjoy 20% OFF set menu. To read my review on Hair Studio Flamingo, click HERE.


SS Shiny SMART QUEEN Hair Curler Korea can be purchased & shipped directly from South Korea via Qoo10 on link below : 

Current Price: SGD 51 before shipping*.

**Prices are subjected to change. Shipping fees vary. 

P.S:  I am not endorsing or selling this SS Shiny SMART QUEEN Hair Curler; and the website link may be defunct at any moment. I will not be updated if website is moved or changed, so please refrain from asking me where to purchase it should that link be moved.

Hope this review is useful to you in some way. Have you tried something from SS Shiny Hair before? Leave a comment below to discuss!


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