2 Feb 2017

L'Oréal Makeup Designer New Releases 2017 : First Impressions, Swatches, MOTD (Superliner V-Sculptor, Infallible Pro-Contour, Extender Setting Spray, Lash Brow Serum)


  L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

Following L'Oréal Makeup Designer Infallible 24H Foundation and Color Riche Collection Star 24 Karat Gold lipsticks release last year, L'Oréal Paris Singapore is bringing yet another bout of exciting launches in Singapore this February/March 2017! Just in time for Spring!

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

As promised, I'd be sharing my first impressions of the following new releases: Superliner V-Sculptor, Infallible Pro-Contour,  Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray and Lash & Brow Serum.

Disclaimer: I haven't been using them long enough, so these aren't detailed reviews.

These new makeup really look like they have lots of potential. So let's start with ....

Superliner V-Sculptor (S$18.90)

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

In spite of its name as a "super liner", these black elegant sticks are in fact gel-powder formula cushion eyeshadow sticks. Applies as a gel but as you blend out the pigments, it dries to a powdery finish.

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review
 Unblended swatches above.

Color is very intense, so when it's applied on the lids, there is a need to blend quickly before it dries & sets. The cushion applicator covers quite a wide surface area (maybe I've got small eyes?), so if you intend to quickly shade your eyelids' outer V corner without proper blending, think again. Conventional lining the eyes with this thick cushion tip won't work apparently, that's why "eyeshadow cushion stick" is definitely a more accurate representation for this product.

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

I used an eyelid primer underneath the eyeshadow. Blended with my fingers. Monotone colour (as above)

The four colours are gorgeous. Going mono (using a single color) is fuss-free & easy. I have a personal fondness for the Burgundy shade, while I enjoy playing with Brown shade as it is incredibly easy to wear. However, I prefer to create more depth for my dull-looking peepers by layering different shades. As a result, I created a natural day-to-day eye makeup look where I mix and match Bronze, Brown and Burgundy.

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

For black smokey eye makeup, the Black shade is a godsend. Superliner V-Sculptor functionally combines lining and blending into one easy step so this brings more convenience to those who wants a bold look.

TIP: Remember to tap off excess powders from the cushion tip before applying onto eyelids. The fallouts are pretty terrible, so get your fan brush (or a normal face brush) ready. Lightly dust away the fallouts under your eye area. NEVER use a tissue paper to wipe! You may end up smearing the tiny speck into a bigger splotch, and mess up the rest of your MOTD.

Take away the issue of powder fallout (I blame it on the low quality cushion tip), I'd have loved this product to bits. The pigments, texture, colour and sleek packaging are fantastic and of course not to mention, the affordability. Application is fairly easy if you are accustomed to working with your fingers. For those who are used to using makeup brushes, this product takes a bit of getting used to.

Infallible Pro-Contour S$24.90

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

Are you a fan of contouring & highlighting but often skip this step due to time constraints?Or you are new to makeup so a lil' hesitant to jump onto the contour/highlight bandwagon?

L'Oréal heard YOU! 

Infallible Pro-Contour is a handy compact of contour & highlight powder that comes a special designer fish tail sculpting brush which fits perfectly to the curves of the cheek! One effortless sweep on the cheek defines & sculpt the face quickly and conveniently!

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review
Available in 3 shades: Light, Medium, Deep.

The powders are said to be formulated for humid climate, so it is expected to be long-wearing and fade-proof.

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer superliner pro contour review
On photos, Medium shows up better than Light. NC 25-30 skin tones like mine should definitely skip Deep.

The effect of this contouring palette is very natural... reminds me of Korean contour/sculpting powders. I love it that it doesn't contain shimmers like many other Western brands bronzers. Makeup newbies often confuse the two (bronzers and sculpting powder) and unknowingly used a bronzer to sculpt/contour their faces in hope of a smaller, V-shape face..which obviously couldn't happen because of the shimmers!

Infallible Pro-Contour won't pose such a problem. One swipe and you can witness a difference of your face shape already! Yes, your newly-acquired V shaped face is an illusion, albeit a very beautiful one! Haha! And the best of it all? This requires ZERO skill and possibly less than 30 seconds of your life; and you're ready to face the world with a seemingly smaller face. :)

 Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray, S$23.90

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer infallible extender setting spray review

This setting spray is a lightweight, ultra-fine, oil-free mist that helps to ensure your makeup stays longer and fresher, preventing color from smudging or settling into fine lines. It can be used as a facial mist prior to base makeup.

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer infallible extender setting spray review

I used it once and truth be told, I don't think I will reach out for it again unless my vanity closet totally runs of facial mists. That being said, it is not a bad product...but the smell is kind of repulsive to me. It reminds me of Chanel CC Cream's scent, which on a popular beauty review website, someone described its scent as a granny's perfume mixed with saliva smell. (Yikes, I know.)

Well, putting the issue of smell aside... this spray does deliver its claims of holding up makeup and making it last. My makeup that day lasted for several hours AFTER an intense KPOP X Fitness workout! I perspire buckets, and usually my makeup would have worn off  the moment I head out of the gym.

This spray bottle mechanism is different from aerosol-cans type, as you can probably see. So a few presses would be necessary instead of one single "press & hold" continuous motion of misting... And also because of this mechanism, I'd say the mist is not "ultra-fine" per se. A couple of rather huge drops of mist landed on my forehead, which then fortunately, evaporated rather quickly. Phew. But on the unfortunate side, that part of my forehead broke out into three tiny pimples that night.

Lash Brow Serum S$22.90

 L'Oréal Makeup Designer lash and brow serum

An essence oil infused with densifying molecule Filloxane, castor oil and Arginine (amino acid in Keratin) to lengthen and thicken hair fibers on lashes and brows. Filloxane is a trademark technology of L'Oréal Volumizing Hair Care line for many years. For the first time, they added this to their makeup product which obviously makes sense since this is a lash thickening serum.

I have not personally used this Lash & Brow serum. I tried it once on the lash line and it feels okay - no adverse reaction such like sting & itch. I can't use it yet because of my current lash extensions (and I am blessed with thick eye brows, thank God.) so I probably have to update on the results after I get to use it in future.


Superliner V-Sculptor and Lash & Brow Serum will be available in Singapore Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and selected departmental stores from February 2017.

Infallible Pro-Contour and Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray
will be available in Singapore Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and selected departmental stores from March 2017.

For more information, follow L'Oréal Paris Singapore on FACEBOOK.

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