26 Mar 2017

L'Oréal Rouge Magique : Review, Swatches, Looks


 L'Oréal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

 Warning: Image-and-selfie-heavy post. View at your discretion. 
Nightmares begone! Sweet dreams only.

L'Oréal  Paris Singapore launches NEW lipsticks again! 

We still haven't quite gotten over the stunning 24K Gold lipsticks last December; yet L'Oréal outdid themselves this time - enticing us with a set of matte lipsticks consisting of 20 shades that are rather unique and unlike most drugstore lip colours.  

Fun Fact: Singapore is the first country to be introduced to their FULL collection of 20 shades this March 2017!

 L'Oréal Rouge Magique
(SGD19.90 each)
L'Oréal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

Enriched with nourishing oils, pure matte pigments and hydrating honey, the ultra-gliding L'Oréal Rouge Magique delivers intense matte colours onto the lips. Housed in chic metallic pink & matte black cases, these lippies are designed to capture the heart of every lipstick lover. From wearable nudes, boldest browns, vibrant pinks & reds to trendy mauves & purples - you name it, this collection owns it!

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches
Oh, lipstick swatch rainbow is your thing? It's mine too!

As mentioned, there are 20 shades with a corresponding number and name. For convenience sake, I will only be stating their numbers on my swatches. So here comes the closeup swatches!

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

Spotted any of your favourite shades yet? Well, I did at first glance! There are too many, and I know how these could get confusing for you. To spare you the pain of selection, I tested all the 20 shades on my lips. (L'Oréal Paris Singapore has their official lip swatches photographed HERE as well. But just in case you are a bit skeptical of official photos, here are my layman takes - totally unedited in its truest form...)

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches
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All these swatches are applied with 2 - 3 layers of product on my own lips. No foundation nor lip primer; just a light layer of colourless lip balm in between these swatches. (You know, my lips peeled like insanity after swatching 20 lipsticks at one go!)


All the colours are so beautiful, I can't find any that I personally won't wear. I feel that at least 90% of them are super wearable and very universal, meaning - these will suit most skin tones. 

Texture is matte, but certain shades (especially the bolder/darker ones) reflect a sheen to it. Hence, I wouldn't consider these babies absolute matte. They are so so so smooth, glides on like heaven - you simply can't believe matte lipsticks can feel that way!

Lasting power is satisfactory - as long as you do not expect it to stay on after an oily meal, then this product wouldn't disappoint you. It lasted me through a night of only drinks, no meal.

At an affordable price of S$19.90, I say: GET AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!!


Which shades are my personal favourites, you ask? 

That's the most challenging question of all! IF I really had to pick (well in reality, I didn't have to...and I won't want to choose!), these are my lucky seven choices!

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches


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I have a personal fondness for reds since my cabin crew days, so in every lipstick collection - they are my must-haves. 

Tip for cabin crew interview : If you look good in red lipsticks, wear L'Oréal Rouge Magique #911 or #913 and flaunt it! These two are the exact shade matches for Singapore Airlines cabin crew official lip colours.

I usually don't look too good in browns or nudes, but surprisingly #932, 931, 904, 901 turned out remarkable. #930 is my safe haven, everyday sort of colour - a nice sweet muted coral that's universally flattering.

So have you decided which ones to buy? Which are your favourites? Share with me in your comments below! 

L'Oréal Rouge Magique will be available at L'Oreal Makeup Designer Counters from 27th March onwards. Check in stores for promotions and discounts.

For more information, visit http://www.loreal-paris.com.sg

loreal Rouge Magique Review, Swatches
Sending you virtual kisses!
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