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Get Beautiful Lashes and Hair! Promo for Faithy's Readers - La Reine De Beaute and Hair Studio Flamingo

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Hi lovelies! Happy Midweek! Hope you've had a restful long Easter weekend!

Lately, I have been getting praises for my sakura ash hair colour and my long, luscious lashes. (Thank you all!) Therefore, I'd like to share with you my favourite places to visit for hair treatments and eyelash extensions. Read until the end for readers-only PROMO CODES!

Hair Studio Flamingo

Top Beauty Influencer Singapore

Top Beauty Influencer Singapore

Introducing Hair Studio Flamingo's newest hairstylist, Takeda-san! 

You all knew that I am a regular patron of Hair Studio Flamingo and you may read my full review of the hair salon HERE.

CHANGE OF MY PERSONAL HAIRSTYLIST to Takeda! Do not be misled by his young appearance - he's got more than 15 years of hairstyling experience in Tokyo before arrival to Singapore!

Quote "Faith" for 20% OFF any of the set menus
(Valid till end May '17.)
Hair Studio Flamingo Blog review

Follow Hair Studio Flamingo on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hairstudioflamingo and on INSTAGRAM@hairstudioflamingo!


La Reine De Beaute - Review of Eyelash Extensions Service

La Reine De Beaute Singapore Review of Eyelash Extensions Service

Established since 2005, La Reine De Beaute means "Queen of Beauty". It is one of the better-known salons in the heartlands of Bishan. Conveniently located near Bishan MRT station, La Reine De Beaute offers a range of beauty treatments and its most popular service has gotta be their natural looking lash extension service. La Reine De Beaute uses strand-by-strand Korean Natural Silk Single Lash .

They provide unlimited strands of lash extensions to achieve customers' desired lash looks.

Type of Single Lashes available: Natural Silk Lash
  • 0.15 C curl 7mm
  • - 0.15 C curl 10mm
  • - 0.15 C curl 12mm
  • - 0.10 C curl 7mm
  • - 0.10 C curl 10mm

I love a good drama so I opted for mixture of 10mm and 12mm, 0.15 lashes!

La Reine De Beaute Singapore Review of Eyelash Extensions Service
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What I adore the most is the speed of the lash architect at La Reine. Within 30 minutes, a set of gorgeous, natural, fluttery, voluminous lashes magically appear on my lash line! 

The lashes are neat and skilfully placed;  and I had no problems with the lash glue. Because the lashes are so securely fixed, they lasted a much longer time than many of the other lash extensions. 

*However, do note that if you choose dramatic lash design like I did, the lash architect may use volume lashes on you; which means there can be two to three strands attached to your one natural eyelash. This is not to be confused with cluster lashes. But for extremely weak lashes, I suggest you allow your lashes to rest after a couple of volume lash extensions sessions before doing a new set.

Usual Price: $120 per session, First Time Customer $58

READER BENEFIT! Quote ‘Faith20’ to enjoy 20% discount 
on top of first-timer price ( $46.40 after 20% off) when you book your first appointment with La Reine via Facebook or Call: 6253 6866 .
Valid till 31st August 2017.

La Reine De Beaute Singapore Review of Eyelash Extensions Service

For more information on the salon, visit https://www.lareinedebeaute.com/

Thanks for reading lovelies! Go get beautiful nao with all these huge savings!!

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