Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pepperkoko GSS 2017: Promo code FAITH10

Top Influencer in Singapore 2017

Great Singapore Sale is round the corner! Are you excited yet? 

GSS is the time I stock up on my clothings, especially Summer wear since it is all year round Summer in Singapore. Recently, I was introduced to a popular online shopping site Pepperkoko Singapore spoils us with a wide range of apparels with styles adopted from the Taiwan, Japan and Korea’s fashion scene, with quality & comfort at pocket-friendly prices!

Why shop at Pepperkoko Singapore?

  1. Affordability - average of SGD20-40 per piece of apparel.
  2. Good quality and comfort
  3. Items arrive accurately as depicted on the website
  4. Fast Shipping - within 2-3 days
  5. Woman apparels, lingerie, shoes, accessories, kids wear, mens wear - they have a huge variety!
  6. Sizes go from S to XXXXL!
  7. Ease of use on the website
  8. Returns within 14 days. More HERE.

I ordered 3 pieces of apparel and 1 necklace (Total cost = SGD105.40). ALL of them exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, comfort and how well they fit me.

Destroyed Denim Jacket + Layered Tulle Long Skirt Suede

Top Influencer in Singapore 2017

Top Influencer in Singapore 2017
Top Influencer in Singapore 2017

Button Down Peek Shoulder Drawstring Dress 

Top Influencer in Singapore 2017

Top Influencer in Singapore 2017
Top Influencer in Singapore 2017

Suede And Chain Tassel Decorated Long Necklace

GSS Promotions
  • New Arrivals – 15% off
  • Storewide 25% off on all other items except New Arrivals
  • Outlet Sales – 35% off
  • Orders above $60 will be entitled to a free gift!
  • Weekly top spenders to receive a pair of movie tickets, 5 pairs up for grabs. Results will be announced on Mondays at 4pm.

That's NOT all! For first-timer users, key in my promo code FAITH10 (Valid till: 30/06/2017) for additional 10% discount!

Hurry, start surfing now!

Happy shopping, lovelies!

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