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Review of su:m37˚ Secret Essence and Sampling Day


Review of Su:m37˚ Secret Essence

A firm believer of the importance of facial essences & serums in my daily skincare routine, recently I have discovered a K-beauty brand that prides itself as the first in natural fermentation technology and incorporated a "secret" ingredient into its facial essence. 

For those who are not aware, su:m37˚ is a premium Korean skincare and cosmetics brand owned by LG Household and Healthcare. They are highly raved by skincare & makeup gurus on social media. And it is not hard to understand why...

su:m37˚ skincare products are created using traditional natural fermentation process without preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances. They take their brand so seriously that they built their very own Natural Fermentation Research Institute (NFRI), which is currently located in north-eastern part of South Korea - where all the magic happens! 

Fun Fact: 
Do you know why does the Korean beauty brand name ends "37˚?

The optimum temperature of fermentation is 37˚C. 

The essence that goes into every su:m37˚ product is derived from extracts of more than 80 types of herbs & plants that have been fermented in cedar barrels under 37 degrees celsius, for at least 365 days. These conditions have been proven to yield 16 times more beneficial probiotics than any artificially-driven process

Review of Su:m37˚ Secret Essence

su:m37˚ is the first and only brand to start and persist in this study of natural fermentation in the one-of-its-kind research institute.

Each su:m37˚ product is formulated with a patented compound called “Cytosis ®” - and this is their secret!

Review of Su:m37˚ Secret Essence

Su:m37° best-selling product is undoubtedly their Secret Essence. 

This is an essence good for building foundation of good skin and strengthening it against external stressors and pollution. The Secret Essence formula, most concentrated in Cytosis® and rich in antioxidants, is further enhanced by the Advanced Sync Program which improves the skin’s tone, brilliance, firmness, texture and hydration. An efficacy study on 100 women aged 25 to 35 years showed 99.8% skin improvement (in the five components) and consumer satisfaction just two weeks of use. 

Review of Su:m37˚ Secret Essence


It is not the first time you have heard me talk about the Secret Essence – it was ranked as my Top 10 Essences & Serum in one of my previous blog posts.

First Impression: The texture of the essence is lightweight and feels slightly denser than a normal facial toner, therefore applying it to the skin is a breeze. I adore its scent - fresh and a little herbal in a nice way, not overpowering at all.

How to Use: I skip cotton pads because I really do not want to waste the precious product! After cleansing and toning, this is the first serum I pat on using my hands; followed by a serum and end off with a moisturiser.

Results: I notice my facial skin health gradually improving, with less breakouts and increased luminosity. In a span of 2-3 weeks, my skin appears more even-toned, firmer and looks healthier! My skin is usually sensitive to fermented products as they tend to make my skin red and bumpy. On first application of su:m37˚ Secret Essence, I saw my skin turned a little pink but it looked smooth & radiant. After persisted usage, I am indeed surprised how well the essence worked out for me.

Review of Su:m37˚ Secret Essence

su:m37˚ is priced at ($108 for 80ml, $175 for 150ml).

Available at Tangs VivoCity and Tangs Orchard, starting 1 June and 21 July 2017 respectively. The third outlet will be unveiled in later half of 2017.


Saturday is Su:m37 Sampling Day. Receive Secret Essence 5ml sample and take home special gifts with any purchase!

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