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Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA


Having flawless skin is everyone's dream. As we age, we find ourselves further and further away from the beauty dream...

Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA

And there I was... one step closer to that dream as I was invited to media trial sessions of DiscoveryPico with EHA Clinic.

Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA

DiscoveryPICO is the second generation of picosecond lasers and the most innovative medical laser available in the market today. It addresses skin problems such as melasma, sun spots, age spots, freckles, even birthmark and unwanted tattoo. 

PICO toning by DiscoveryPICO helps to address problems of various pigmented lesions, acne scars, making the skin look brighter and smoother.

Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA

How does the DiscoveryPICO work?
When the laser light is being absorbed by the pigmented lesions, the light will vibrate and break the pigment into the smallest particles, in thin “dust” form. As compared to the traditional Q-switch Nanosecond YAG laser, the DiscoveryPICO machine works in ultrashort picosecond pulses which is 100x shorter pulse duration than in nanosecond. The tiny particles will then be easily eliminated by the body immune system.

Why PICO toning by DiscoveryPICO?
  • Faster Treatment
  • Safer Treatment
  • Less Painful
  • Suitable for All
EHA Clinic

Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA
Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA
Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA

I opted for Dr Elias Tam from EHA Clinic to conduct my two Pico toning laser sessions. There are no lack of raving reviews on Dr Tam's skills and services, so I instinctively trusted my skin needs with him.


Photos shown below were taken before and after the first Pico Toning session, with no makeup. All my portraits in this blog post have no editing and no filter.

Review of DiscoveryPICO Laser session with EHA
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During my second session (which took place after a 2-months gap from my first session. I couldn't go earlier due to hectic work & travel schedule) , Dr Tam noticed my hormonal breakouts and decided to followup with a newly acquired machine, Omega Light Dual to help with my blemishes. This treatment follows right after the Pico laser treatment session.


Review of EHA Omega Dual


I am glad to have gone with my instincts. Dr Elias Tam was really patient in hearing me out during consultation. He is approachable and professional, you naturally feel comfortable with him. During the 15 minutes laser treatment, he will chat with you to make you forget about any discomfort associated with the session.

Discovery Pico Pain Rating: 1/10

For Pico toning sessions, no numbing cream is required. The main purpose is to rejuvenate & brighten my skin, not to treat my pigmentation so the doctor selected the lowest frequency settings on the machine. I think most people are able to tolerate the lasers sessions without much discomfort. I personally did not feel any pain during the two sessions, probably just a very quick and mild prickling sensation.

Side effects
PICO toning by DiscoveryPICO is safe and unlike traditional lasers, it doesn't cause damage to surrounding skin areas. For those who undergo a higher wavelength to target skin problems such pigmentation or tattoos, they may experience redness, swelling or peeling.
For myself, I did not encounter any undesirable side effects, except for a little bit of redness for the first hour which could be easily concealed with sunblock lotion, and slight peeling which was totally resolved after I washed my face.

After Care
Dr Tam was very nice to offer me a bottle of EHA Hydra Serum to provide my face with the necessary post-laser hydration. Although my skin was already smooth and glowing with no signs of dryness, the Hydra Serum gives my skin a further boost of hydration and felt very soothing too. I am still using it weeks after my laser sessions!

EHA Hydra Serum review
Post Laser Skin
Now, I am enjoying radiant, brighter, firmer skin than before! I noticed my post acne marks and freckles are lighter, and pores are smaller too. If I continue a few more sessions with a higher frequency, I AM SURE all my freckles and pores will diminish! I only have to wait till I can clear out 2-3 days, in case there is down time ( to cater to possible post-laser redness, peeling and swelling).

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For more information on DiscoveryPICO and Omega Light Dual treatment sessions, visit

Special thanks to Absolute PR for giving me the opportunity to try these amazing facial treatments!

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