Sunday, 15 January 2017

Guerlain Meteorites Happy Glow Collection 30 Years Limited Edition: Review, Swatches, MOTD.

Guerlain Happy Glow Collection 30 Years Limited Edition Review Singapore

Guerlain Happy Glow Collection 30 Years Limited Edition Review Singapore

A sweet kickstart to 2017 -  a wonderful new collection by Guerlain! To celebrate 30 years since the launch of the original Meteorites Pearls, the brand introduces a limited edition collection that takes on a rosy glow and packaged in pearly pastel goodness.

Guerlain Happy Glow Collection 30 Years Limited Edition Review Singapore

This gorgeous collection offers four limited edition pieces - all of which caught the attention of beauty lovers especially long-timed avid collectors of Guerlain Météorites!

Guerlain Happy Glow Collection 30 Years Limited Edition Review Singapore
I didn't purchase the lippies so I swatched at the counter just to show you.

With the main theme colours as rosy pink & soft pastels, the matching iridescent exterior packaging completes the overall etheral beauty of the entire collection. As usual, all items are infused with the signature violet scent of Meteorites.

The showstopper centrepiece is the magic pot of Happy Glow Meteorites Pearls which is known to give radiance to the complexion. For cheeks, we have Meteorites Happy Glow Blush, the first ever pressed Meteorites blusher from Guerlain. In addition, two new pink shades are added to the Kiss Kiss line - #564 Pearly Pink and #565 Blossom Glow to dress up your lips for Spring! (Won't be reviewing the lipsticks in this post, as I do not own them yet.)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Quick Personal Updates - More Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle posts upcoming in 2017!

Hello from New York, Times Square!

It's the third week of 2017, and I realised I haven't greet you lovelies properly. Happy New Year, Everyone! May the new year bring forth more abundance and goodness to you who's reading this!

Just some quick updates of what's going on with me and with Faithy Vanity Table for this upcoming first quarter of the year....

New Year Trip to New York City

As you probably already knew (if you're on my Instagram/Facebook), I kick-started 2017 with a trip to New York City. Experienced the first snow storm of my life and was freezing my pants off but the scenery was really beautiful!

Also made a day trip to Brooklyn to take some pretty shots. More photos and New York travel information & tips will be posted on the blog soon-ish! (After I take care of some blog backlogs.)

Holiday Haul from New York

These are my fashion & beauty haul from the trip. I didn't pick up a lot of beauty products simply because Singapore has them at cheaper or equivalent prices. Our Singapore currency is weaker than the U.S., so the same stuff in Sephora Singapore are likely to be cheaper than in US.

From the above pic, you can gather than I chose mostly stuff that has yet to launched in Singapore Sephora. I will be selecting some to review before they are available for sale in Singapore - hope this helps you with your purchasing decisions! Let me know your product requests. ;)

I definitely will be doing more detailed reviews on Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection and Guerlain Happy Glow Spring 2017 since they are confirmed to be launched in Singapore. In fact, Guerlain has already launched and my review will be up on the next blog post!

Friday, 13 January 2017

SS Shiny Hair Curler Korea Review : Are those Qoo10 cheap hair curlers worth your time?

Ever thought of owning a hair gadget that can help you manage your flat, limp hair better (but at a more affordable price)? I suspect with the humidity levels in Singapore, half of you my lovely readers here will be answering a resounding "YES"!

We all dream of beautiful flowy tresses - some of us wished we look half as beautiful as those Korean actresses we see in drama with natural big waves or cute chic curls.

For example...
Song Hye Kyo
If you think Korean celebrities are all born with natural beautiful wavy locks, then I am sorry to burst your bubble - you're freaking wrong. Most if not all, of them have a personal hairstylist who takes care of their hair and style them into perfection every single time they go for a shoot.

As normal people, we probably don't have such luxury of a 24-hour personal human hairstylist on standby. The best alternative to this will be a good electronic hair gadget to assist us in this matter.

I have owned several straightening irons & hair curling tongs throughout my life of vanity. (Haha!) And in my opinion, a good hairstyler must be:

1. Easy to Use
2. Handy & Convenient (I travel a lot, and the last thing I need is something bulky to take up luggage space.)
3. Versatile in creating various hairstyles
4. Affordable or at least, value-for-money.

With these criteria in mind, I had never stopped my quest for the next better hairstyling tool... and I unexpectedly came across something interesting on Qoo.10 while shopping online for household items...

SS Shiny SMART QUEEN Hair Curler Korea 
(NEW Wireless 2017 Version)

My hand is there for you to have a rough gauge of the size of this hair curler. It measures about 27cm long and weighs 170g, which is pretty handy & tiny for my hands actually.

It comes in a box, a low quality white pouch (which I threw away upon receiving it), a charger and charging cable. The cable is just a normal cable that we use to charge your Samsung phones & tablets. The charger is two-pin and requires an international adapter for it to plug into our Singapore socket.

For more product information, please click HERE.

It has three selections for level of heat, as well as a battery level indicator. It claims to be made of gold diamond ceramic coating. Gold-in-colour yes, ceramic...yes, diamond, I have no idea. Seriously, it cost me merely a total of SGD 57.00 including shipping fees, so I don't expect to see real diamonds you know. 

Anyway, let us explore some of the hairstyles I successfully created with the gadget!

Sweet Typical Korean C-Curl Hairstyle

This takes about 15 minutes or less, and needs minimal skills (Just keep brushing your hair inwards). I was very thorough with the curling - I sectioned my hair into 4 levels and further divided them into few more handfuls before I started to curl each handful. 100% battery was used up to recreate this hairstyle.

Sexy Big Curls

Forget sexy. "Sexy" and Faith hardly roll together. 

This is my feeble attempt to curl my hair outwards to produce a more voluminous "big hair" kinda waves. I don't know how you feel about this hairstyle, but seriously, I don't like it enough. And to top it off, I spent 20 minutes of my life on something that didn't last beyond the 3rd hour.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Beauty News: RMK COLOUR CHANGE Event + 1st Impressions of RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection


 RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection review

RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection review
RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection review
To mark RMK's 20th birthday, the brand has picked pink & beige hues to kick start its anniversary celebration. RMK's Creative Director, Kaori, came up with a refreshing take on these chosen hues and incorporated into the core of RMK Spring/Summer 2017 makeup collection.

RMK Colour Change SS 2017 is all about fun, vibrancy and creativity while expressing one self through her makeup regime. I had the pleasure to witness for myself first hand how the brand's senior makeup artist Mr Toru Kobayashi create different day & night looks using the new collection; which later on I will try my hands to replicate onto my face!

The entire collection consists of lipgloss, lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow, blusher (which can function as highlighter), highlighter and bronzer (that can double up as eyeshadows). This is a massive line of make up that takes you as far as your imagination can!

RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection review

RMK Face Pop Eyes, $58. 
6 Limited Edition Shades

RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection review

RMK 2017 Spring Summer Makeup Collection review

With pink and beige as main themes, medium browns and dark browns are included in the eyeshadow collection to help create a beautiful blend on the eye lids. The shimmering pinks contains iridescent specks of glitter that is really attention-grabbing when applied on the middle of lids.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Reviving my skin with Caring Skin : A Review of Facials at Caring Skin


Top Blogger Singapore

Remember earlier this year 2016, my skin was in a pretty tiptop condition? Yes, I admit that these photos are taken with selfie mode on my camera, but my skin on photos wasn't too far from real life. However, good times don't last. Good skin days happened in the first half of the year, until I got a massive breakout during the course of my home renovations in July...and from then on, my skin condition continued to deteriorate.

Top Beauty Blogger Singapore Caring Skin
(Photo taken in August with thick full-on makeup)

Just to slowly ease you in, my above photo was me wearing 3 layers of foundation + high coverage concealer. Spent like 35 minutes just on this base makeup alone! And you are still able still see the bumps on the side of my face. It's true what they say - no amount of makeup can hide bad skin. It was a horrible period of my life similar to my first breakout episode many moons ago. I couldn't stepped out of home without concealer & base makeup at all.

During September to October, I was contemplating to go back to visit my dermatologist but I hesitated because I was reluctant to start another dose of antibiotics or to go through acid peels. I wished there is a more natural way my skin can receive treatment yet have quicker healing...that's when God answered my prayers. Caring Skin approached me to offer me some help with my skin through their facials!

Review of Caring Skin facial Singapore

Conveniently situated in the heart of Orchard Road (International Building, just next to Shaw Centre), Caring Skin is Singapore’s first and only Dr Renaud’s beauty institute. Dr. Renaud has been working since 1947 to provide customers with certified organic products made from only the most natural and finest plant and marine extracts. Dr. Renaud products are suitable for the most sensitive skin, and have been certified to be free of : parabens, synthetic colorants, synthetic perfume and mineral oils, with NO animal testing whatsoever. It is one of those organic professional beauty salon brands that speaks to my heart the most and I have been wanting to try for ages.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion Review


Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion Review

2016 was a year of cushions - and this cushion trend is here to stay through 2017 as well, maybe even longer.

Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion Review

Maybelline already hopped on the bandwagon some time back with their first Super BB Cushion. This January 2017, Maybelline Singapore is going to welcome the new year with a NEW addition to the line: Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion.

Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion Review

Was really stoked to be amongst the first few to lay my hands on this cushion. My skin seemed to have better luck with Western cushions and Japanese cushions over time - they don't break me out as much as Korean cushions. And this Maybelline Super BB Fresh Matte Cushion particularly excites me because it is a hydrating formula with a high coverage & matte finish, targeted at oily/combi skin! And that's totally like a godsend for yours truly, ahem. :)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Instagram Christmas Giveaway with Etude House!

Etude House Pink Vital Water Giveaway

<Christmas Giveaway>
One more sleep to Christmas! To celebrate the season of giving, I am giving away full-sized bottles of Etude House Pink Vital Water Serum and Emulsion to ONE lucky follower! To participate, you need to:

  1. Be a follower of @faithyvanitytable and @etudehousesingapore on Instagram.
  2. Like, Comment and Tag two friends on this photo on Instagram.
🚩Giveaway/fake accounts are not eligible for any of my giveaways, including the tagged accounts.

*Winner will be announced on Christmas Day 25 Dec.
*Singapore residents only. Postage excluded. Self-collection preferred.