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Mini-Haul of the week! (3rd haul of Feb '15)

I will be posting up pictures of my beauty hauls (or mini-hauls) every month. This month, I had three. The first one was pictured on my Instagram. I forgot to take a photo of the second one as it consisted of mainly skincare products. Usually I forget about the skincare products. Colours on makeup products attract me more! Haha!

This post is about my third haul (combined over two separate days in the same week,)

These couple of days, I went shopping mostly for makeup. Let's see what I've got....

Singapore beauty blog
Before Unboxing.

Spot anything you like yet? One of those products just arrived Sephora Singapore today! Guess which one is it? Beauty junkies or bblogers will know. Anyways, let's unbox them!





Singapore beauty blog
After unboxing!

Products Featured:
1. Beauty World Nail Polish in no. 586
2. Innisfree Jeju Gardenia Hand Cream
3. Innisfree Skinny Microcara
4. New Born Coloring W Brow N CB2
5. Vecua Honey Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek
6. NARSissist Palette
7. Inglot Brushes in 13P and 30T
8. Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel 77
9. Inglot Freedom System AMC Eyeshadow  Square 52 & 30.
10. Inglot Freedom System Sculpting Power
11. Inglot Mixing Plate
12. Etude House Give me Chocolate Eyeshow in Salted Caramel

I was going a little crazy at Inglot. I was just amazed by the Freedom System. Bascially you can personalise your own makeup palette by choosing your own powders, blush, shadows, etc. and put them together. This is such a cool concept as you can pick out colours that suit you or colours you like. No more wasting money on colours you don't need just because you like one colour in a palette!

Although the Freedom System is awesome, I managed to compose myself and buy what I intended to buy. I will do a separate review on these babies soon.

Inglot haul

But first, I think my readers will be more interested in the NARSissist palette.

NARSissist makeup palette

I put myself on Sephora's waiting list for this. On 25th Feb 2015, it was released to those who pre-ordered. I got my hands on this on the first day of release. Will definitely be doing a review & swatches of this NARSissist palette. Stay tuned!

Just want to squeeze in a little after-thought about one of the items in this haul - SANA New Born Coloring W Brow N CB2. 

Etude House Salted Caramel
New Brown Colouring on the left,
 Etude House Salted Caramel shadow on the right. Too cute to eat!
SANA is a Japanese brand is a not-so-commonly-known drugstore brand in Singapore, but I heard their products are good. Considering its level of popularity here in Singapore, at first I was a little taken aback by the price tag of SGD24.90. After some justification on my part, I thought the price was somehow worth it as you get two products in one - brow pencil + brow mascara. Afterall, we can expect a certain standard of quality from the Japs.
Well... after I open the box, the first thing I saw was....

New Born eye pencil

A pencil that has no cap!

My face when I saw the eyebrow pencil with no cap.

My disbelief got me searching for a cap in the package for a good 30 seconds but it was obvious there was no cap. For a moment, I thought there was a manufacturing error but no it wasn't, it's LIKE THAT.

SO, yeah... it is a good product with good colour 
payoff  and reasonably good quality. But for SGD24.90, I actually expected its packaging to make sense. Even a Korean $10 eyebrow pencil has two caps!

Okay, thanks for reading this long post. Will do up reviews of NARS and Inglot loots soon. If you have any requests for product review from this haul, let me know. I will try to fulfill them as far as I can! 

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