Saturday, 28 February 2015

5 Eye Makeup Tips for Every Woman

Putting on eye makeup can be as daunting for girls who just started makeup, as it can be for the everyday woman rushing for work.

That's why years ago, I wished someone could have straight off told me what is the best & hassle-free way to make my eyes look bigger & prettier. That could have saved me years of experimenting on my poor eyelids.

Truth is, there is no short-cut to big, beautiful eyes. Your pain doubles if you have monolids/single eye lids like myself, as you probably need to spend much more time on your eyes than any other areas on your face.

Hope is here! I am sharing some of my tested-and-proven tips of drawing yourself to bigger & more beautiful eyes!

Two unfiltered, unedited selfies taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4.

Tip no.1:  (Starting from brows of course!)
Always brush your brow hairs in place before AND after drawing your eyebrows. You may use a clean soft toothbrush as shown in the below pic. But I recommend you get a proper eyebrow spool brush. If you want to save some money, you can use any of your old unwanted mascara wand. Just wash off the dried mascara thoroughly before use!

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Tip no.2: 
Apply undereye concealer in a triangle, smudging outwards. NOT in dots or dabs or streaks. Best tool for blending is a concealer brush, or a beauty blender sponge.

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Tip no. 3:
Before you start your eye makeup on the lids, stick a tape (can be eyelid tape or your regular Scotch tape) at the side of your eyelids, diagonally. The outer end of your eyes should be perpendicular to the end of your brow, as shown in the pic below. This prevents you from overdoing your eyeshadow or over-extending your eye liner.

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 Tip no. 4:
Monolid girlies, look up! Here is a great Korean technique to make your eyes look as if you have got deepset double-eyelids! It suits ladies with double-eyelids too. If you prefer a more natural look, just replace the black eyeshadow with a brown eyeshadow

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Tip no. 5: 
Use mascara with big fan-out bristles on your upper lashes for volumizing effect. Use the small bristles wand for lower lashes so you won't get clumpy lashes. I highly suggest you try something like Innisfree Skinny Microcara. Currently, this mascara has the skinniest wand applicator in the market. Really handy when it comes to lower lashes mascara application, or when you just want to separate your clumped up lashes!

Go on, try all these tips and let me know if it works for you! You may also like my makeup tutorial that uses some of these tips in this post.


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