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Vecua Honey Wonder Honey Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek Review

Vecua Honey pon pon cheek review

Vecua Honey is a Japanese beauty brand, currently on sale in a retail store by the name of  'Toyku Hands'. As the name suggests, the store carries different types of Japanese products, including varied brands of popular J-beauty products. 

Vecua Honey has an extensive variety of skincare, bodycare and makeup products. I was instantly captivated by their cute packaging and lovely scents. The particular one which I want to review today is the Wonder Honey Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek.
This is a powder blush that comes in three colours - Rose Pink, Flowerbud and Hinate Sunkissed.

Vecua Honey pon pon cheek review

I chose the most popular shade Rose Pink. There are no English on the package, only Japanese words. Try not to make this purchase in a hurry. Look at the colours carefully first before you grab one (the three shades look similar in the pot)!

Vecua Honey pon pon cheek review
 The pic of the bunny is so adorable, check out its bun!

Vecua Honey pon pon cheek review

Opening the metal box to do a swatch for you guys.

The powder puff is really fluffy, just like a bunny's bottom. It comes with a brown satin bow as a handle. Now here comes the swatch....

Vecua Honey pon pon cheek review

 As with most Japanese blushes, this one is not a pigmented blush. The colour only shows after a few swipes. The first swatch on the left is just a light dusting, but as I slowly build up its intensity, it did manage to reach a shade that I love. I think this coral pink (more on the pink side actually) is great on most skin tones, but will be very pretty on fairer skin tones. It has a slight bit of shimmer but it is not obvious, as you can see in this photo. The satin finish gives a natural glow and a subtle flush to the cheek which I like. Perhaps I will do a LOTD with this blusher and post for you guys to see!

Overall Product Rating: 

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Will I repurchase again? Maybe, but will be in other colours!


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