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Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Review

In the month of March, Etude House released its new line of lip products in Singapore for Spring 2015.

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Introducing Etude House Color in Liquid Lips...

Priced at SGD 17.90 each, Etude House Color in Liquid Lips is a marriage between lip gloss and lipstick. It also feels like lip tint when you're applying it on and doing the Korean gradation lips. To be more exact, it is a liquefied lipstick that makes use of a cushion applicator. It works to give you an intense lip colour in one smooth application.

With a total of 20 shades to choose from, Etude House fans are now spoilt for choice!

Many of these colours are poppy bright, so if you're into the undying Korean trend of bright lip colours, then this product is for you.

I am a sucker for bright lips as well as Etude House adorable sweet packaging. That's why I took less than 5 minutes to purchase five tubes in different colours!
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I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that with a purchase of SGD90 and above, I can receive free gifts of my choice. I also received double points as a member in my birthday month.

As shown above, apart from the five lipsticks and one neck firming sheet mask, the rest are ALL FREEBIES from Etude House! Super love the pink mirror! It says "All of You Are Born As A Princess." I can't help but nod my head in agreement! :)

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A closer look at the cushion applicator.

The smooth cushion applicator reminds me a lot of my favourite lip product from Yves Saint Laurent.

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YSL Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres

Etude House definitely does not do colours the same way as YSL. Etude House colours are brighter and are targeted more at the youths. The half lipstick-half lipgloss formula also makes it easier to achieve K-style ombre lips, where you simply put gloss in the middle of your lips and smudge it outwards for a 'gradient' effect. (I'll be wearing the Etude House Color in Liquid Lips in both the normal way and the K-style gradation way for you guys to see later in this post!)

Swatches first!
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Aren't they pretty?

Next, I will model these five colours on my lips. Left side is the Korean gradation style lips, where I smudge the colours out without using any foundation around of my lips (You do need to use BB cream/cushion/liquid foundie to lighten or conceal your lip line if you want a more obvious gradient lips. I didn't do it here.); on the right is a demonstration of the colours full on my lips.

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My Thoughts on this Etude House Color in Liquid Lips: 

COLOURS: Out of all the shades in this range, I find the shade PP502 most intriguing. There is often a misconception that purple lip colour are not suitable for Asian skin with yellow undertones. While it is true that pink lipsticks with blue undertones are more suited for Caucasians, there is NO RULES IN THE MAKEUP WORLD that we Asians can't wear purple lipsticks! I have seen some darker skinned Malay women in my country rocking purple lips with a bang! Hence I am tempted to try myself. My first purplish lip colour was from MAC, and I love it to bits! This Etude House Color in Liquid Lips in shade PP502 is a close match to my MAC lippie, and I am absolutely in love with the bold sexy colour.

I find that for nudey pinks like the BE102 in my first swatch, it is better to wear it in full rather than the gradient way, especially if you have thinner lips like myself.

The rest of the colours are pretty much wearable on a daily basis. They are not exactly unique whatsoever, as these colours can be found in almost every Korean brand out there. In fact, Etude House already have very similar colours in their previous lines of lip products. In any case, they are beautiful colours and definitely worth checking out, especially if you haven't own any Etude House lip products yet.

TEXTURE: As with other liquified lipsticks, they can be slightly drying on lips and cracked lips are obviously going to show with this product. Therefore, it is crucial to exfoliate & moisturise lips well before use. That being said, I still find this line more moisturising as compared to other brands' similar lip products. And the fact that the texture is incredibly smooth, and easy to blend adds up to its overall rating!

PACKAGING: Packaged like a lipstick, used like a lip gloss - this is one cute & creative product that I'd love to carry around for midday touchups, or just to take out to admire when I feel like it!
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Cute packaging brightens up one's day!

  • Product glides on like a dream. Easy to blend out to acheive K-pop star inspired gradient lips.
  • Pigmented colours that you won't expect from a product at this price point.
  • Neat lil' cushion applicator that makes application as easy as A,B,C.
  • Good staying power
  • Affordable price, which translates to having more purchasing power to buy more colours! LOL.
  • Colours are super bright - one either love or hate, no in-betweens! Heh. Will be good if they offer more muted colours for the more low profile girls.
  • Because of the intense pigments and the high staying power, removing them can be a pain in the ass. It leaves a stain on the lips, so makeup remover for waterproof makeup is a must to entirely take off this product! 
  • Also, due to the same reason as above, mistakes will be glaring if one does not make some effort to blend the product well when wearing them full-on.
  • Will accentuate dry lips, but prior use of a lip primer or lip balm is enough to fix this problem (unless your lips are cracked or extremely wrinkled).


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