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My Holy Grail Series (4) : Masks AND a GIVEAWAY!

Skincare is the first step to great makeup. Therefore, you may have noticed I covered more on skincare products in my Holy Grail series.

This post is about the masking products I currently use to supplement my daily skincare routine. While I have heard of women putting on facial mask every night, I personally do not have this habit and I do not recommend everyone to do so especially if you live in humid climates. For me, twice a week is enough when I am in Singapore. When my skin feels exceptionally dry in winter (during my travels), that's when I allow a daily sheet mask to tackle the hydration of my facial skin.

My Holy Grail Mask Products
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Products Featured:
  1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
  2. Bio-cellulose Hydration Mask (Specialist Skin Clinic and Associates)
  3. Dermal Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Mask
  4. Sunflower Point Pads
  5. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX
  6. Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack
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Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
This star product of Innisfree needs no introduction. The clay mask has barely-there tiny grains that acts like a gentle exfoliator as you smooth on the mask on your skin. After leaving on the skin for ten minutes and rinsing off with warm water, skin is noticeably cleaner and brighter, more even-toned and ready for the next step in the skincare routine. 

Tip: Follow up with a hydrating sheet mask or sleeping pack to reap maximum benefits for your skin!

Bio-cellulose Hydration Mask (by Specialist Skin Clinic and Associates)
This mask is slightly pricey, at SGD14 per sheet. However, the quality of the mask is indeed as it is valued. Made in Japan, the mask sheet is thicker than normal; and infused with goodies such as ceramide 3, vitamin C, squalene, hyaluraonate, soluble collagen and much more. Results after a single use: a significantly more rejuvenated and renewed youthful looking skin!

Dermal Honey Grapefruit Collagen Essence Mask
Costing less than SGD1 per piece (purchase in bulk from Korea), this is the cheapest sheet mask I ever put on my face; yet it is one of the most effective ones! It boasts of brightening properties and in my opinion, it's a promise well-delivered. I found my skin tone brightened by a shade immediately after use; it feels soft and smooth and the best thing? The effects last for at least 48 hours! It is available online at Look for the Korean seller, Breezy HERE.

Sunflower Point Pads
My hubby purchased this cutie in Hong Kong, ColourMix (a beauty shop similar to SaSa). I use it on my feet or any sporadic dry patches on my body; I have not tried it on my face. Feet looks smooth and feels moisturised after masking. What draws me is the cutesy printed daisy on each sheet. Doesn't it remind you of my blog? :)

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Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX
This is one top-selling product that flies off Laneige shelves all the time . Since its first launch in 2002, Laneige has been revising and coming up with improved versions. So far there had been two updates. Soon, the latest revision will be launched in Singapore on 7 May -renamed as Water Sleeping Mask. The one I am currently using is Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX (third version). They currently also have another one which has a similar packaging, topped with an added benefit of firming; called the Firming Sleeping Pack.

Can't wait for Laneige's launch of the two new sleeping masks: 1. Water Sleeping Mask, 2.Lip Sleeping Mask (yes, they have a lip sleeping mask!)

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Want Song Hye Kyo's flawless dewy skin? You know what to do!

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This new kid of the block is gonna excite many beauty junkies!

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Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack
This is yet ANOTHER sleeping pack by Laneige, and so far, my most favourite one. It promises two functions - brightening one's skin tone as well as hydration. BOTH promises were fulfilled on my skin every single time after I put this on overnight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE products that are multi-functional. Am sure many other busy women think alike as well!

Let me show you how this is applied, if you have not tried this before yet...

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The reason why I only scoop half is because that's all I need for my entire face & neck. Depending on individual preferences, you may choose to use up everything and leave a thicker film on the face. OR you can apply thinner on other parts of the body. Just know that one capsule is MORE than enough!

Each time I prep this little thing, it feels kinda therapeutic. It's strange how stirring a gel-like blob with a spatula, watching the mixture turns into a cloudy lump, inhaling their signature Sleepscent can be such a relaxing treat for the mind & body! (And I haven't even put on my face yet. Haha!)

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A swatch to show you the gel-creme consistency. Slightly sticky when just applied.

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It absorbs after a while; but at a slower speed than Water Sleeping Pack.I usually wait for 30min before I hit the sack, as I need it to be COMPLETELY dry. An OCD like me simply can't stand stained pillows!

I really like this product. I always wake up the next day looking & feeling prettier!
NOTE: MUST RINSE OFF product after you wake up in the morning!

You can try it on yourself too, FREE!  Simply take part in my #brightenmeFaithy giveaway contest! ONE lucky winner (Singapore resident) will walk away with...

A SET of Laneige White Plus Renew products inclusive of the above Capsule Sleeping Pack. Details can be found on the Giveaway Page of my blog.

Hope you like this post, and to those of my readers entering this giveaway: May the (brightening)Force be with you! Good luck!

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