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Laneige Singapore Brighten Up Workshop

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Laneige Singapore organised two events this month of March 2015. I attended the Brighten Up Workshop and picked up some of the newest, hottest Korean makeup trends for the year. It was fun and educational for me! I even made a few new friends and I love making new friends with common interests!

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Tools of the beauty trade...and a naked face.
singapore beauty blogger
More tools

Laneige Singapore workshop
Basic Korean skincare steps

Laneige Singapore workshop
Such a lively host! Super cute MUA and a beautiful blogger model.

Laneige brushes
Love the free brushes! Why did I leave one behind?! Sobz!

Laneige Singapore workshop
Start the makeup demo

Laneige Singapore workshop

Laneige Singapore workshop

Refreshments at the event

Take-home goodie bag

Top Beauty Blog Singapore
With Wendy, Laneige staff. Patient & friendly! She helped us a lot! 

Singapore beauty blogger
Cute & pretty MUA from Korea. She really knows how to pose for the camera!

Korean Trending Makeup for 2015
Laneige Singapore

 Basically, the K-beauty trends for 2015 are what you see in the above Song Hye Kyo's look. 

  • Less dewy base.
  • Straight but feminine brows with a slight arch at the back. (Not as straight & thick as last year's!)
  • Some coral/pink glitter eyeshadow
  • Cat eye flick eyeliner, on top of the lining of waterline. But this cat eye is not as dramatic as the ang moh kind.
  • Slightly more obvious blusher comparatively to previous years' trends
  • Two-tone lip colour sort of like the gradation lip, but not as bright as last year 'Cheon Song Yi' look: 
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To be honest, to the untrained eye, the difference between 2014 and 2015 trends is really subtle... But anyways, here is my attempt to look like a K-pop star with the latest trending makeup....

Singapore top beauty blogger

ALL GOOD.... except for the messy hair on the right side!! 


Singapore Top Beauty Blog

Ok baby, I will try harder next time, don't face palm me okay? LOL.

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