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Review of Makeup Revolution Iconic
I am starting a series of blog entries entitled "My Holy Grail Series". As the title clearly suggests, in this series of blog posts, I am going to feature some of my holy grail (HG) beauty products which include makeup, skincare, haircare and bodycare products. These are products I have personally used & proven effective for me over an extended period of time, and at the moment of writing, ARE NOT sponsored.

To kick off this series, I picked out the product type that I have the heaviest usage for - eyeshadow! Probably you already know, I am sucker for eye makeup. This is partly due to my monolidded, dull-looking tiny Asian eyes...and also because I'd always felt that if you want to ascertain a person's level of makeup skills, you just simply need to look at how they draw their eyes.

My HG eyeshadow at the moment:
Review of Makeup Revolution Iconic

Review of Makeup Revolution Iconic


MAKEUP REVOLUTION is a relatively new brand from London. Despite being new, they are gaining popularity steadily overseas, due to their amazing quality at super affordable prices. You pay drugstore price, you get high-end quality. Beat that!

At the moment, MAKEUP REVOLUTION are not available in retail stores in Singapore. Products can be purchased online via their website at

I don't see many Singaporeans using their products yet. Maybe not yet, since they have only started their online presence in Singapore late last year 2014. Things may be different few months down the road...

My thoughts on REDEMPTION PALETTES ICONIC 1, 2 and 3

  • Considered as exact dupes of the Urban Decay NAKED 1, 2 and 3 palattes, these Redemption Palettes are only at a fraction of the cost of Naked palattes. (SGD12 each. Can you believe it?)
  • The colours are mostly an exact match. I am not going to do swatches here since this is not a formal product review. I believe you will be able to find great Youtube videos or blog posts on the swatches - just google!
  • The colours are super pigmented - almost as pigmented as the original NAKED palettes.
  • The texture is smooth, and glides on easily.
  • Last throughout the day, with no need for touch-ups.
  • Cheap-looking plastic packaging that get scratches easily. The low-end sponge applicator looks just as bad. BUT seriously, for SGD12, what do you expect? 
Among the three palettes, I find myself reaching out the most for Iconic 1 and sometimes Iconic 2. I hardly use Iconic 3 because they are cool tones, and in my opinion, are more suited for fair skin individuals or the Caucasians.

On a daily basis, I create a soft brown natural eye makeup look using Iconic 1. Let me show you guys a sample look of my daily makeup:

Singapore Top Beauty Blogger
Indoor shot with natural sunlight seeping in

Singapore Top Beauty Blogger
Indoor shot with artificial white lightings

Now let's check out the close-up shots of my eyes...

Singapore Top Beauty Blogger
Singapore Top Beauty Blogger

If you like this eye makeup, the colours are all from Iconic 1 palette, as labelled in the photo below. On top of that, I also used eyeliners and mascara from other brands. (Comment in the box below if you'd like a full list of items used.)

Makeup tutorial Makeup Revolution
Labelled the colours I used for this look

A summary non-pictorial makeup tutorial of my eye makeup :

Step 1: Use colour no. 1 to contour my crease.
Step 2. Use colour no. 2 on my inner corners
Step 3: Mix colour 3 & 4, apply on the outer V, blend into the crease.

Step 4: Now use only colour no. 4 at the outer corners. Blend well to avoid harsh lines!
Step 5 (Optional step. Skip this if you want a more natural look): Apply colour. no. 5 with your ring finger on the centre of your lids for a pop of glittering gold!

There are a few other steps after step 5, which basically include lining my eyes in a gradation manner and applying different mascara. I shan't include everything as my eye-lining steps can get very long and tedious... (remember I have monolids?)

Let me know if you like this look! Share with me what sort of colours do you use on a daily basis? 

Singapore Top Beauty Blogger


  1. may i know did you buy from the website? how long it take to ship to SIngapore?

    1. Hi, yes I bought from their Singapore website. They have ready stock in Singapore when I bought from them, hence I only waited for 2 days and it arrived my doorstep! :)


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