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Secret of Anti-aging?

That day I came across an article...
"15 MediaCorp Celebrities Who Have Discovered The Secret Of Anti-Ageing"


Catchy article eh?

The article featured fifteen of our local artistes who look as youthful as they did a decade ago, hence the title "secret of anti-aging". In the event you get too lazy to click on the article (which you shouldn't, really.), I'll paste some of their photos here for your drooling pleasure.

Best beauty blogger singapore
Of course that article did not include this pic. #whyohwhy
Btw, I swear on my life NO plastic surgery has ever happened - NO nose job, eyelids job, botox, whatever nonsense. The most invasive thing EVER done to my face was an epic fail mole removal that I paid cheaply for at some tacky home-based beauty parlour , 9 years ago. Gosh, what foolishness~!

OOPS. So..the last one is not a MediaCorp celebrity... Just a delusional blogger who feels like a celebrity at times! #evillaughs

Anyway, jokes aside, I was a tad disappointed when the article did not share with us how the celebrities maintained their youthful looks (sans the cosmetics procedures, if any.) They should really interview these artistes and report HOW and WHY they look the way they do. I WANT TO KNOW. Heh.

Well, judging from my 2005 and 2015 photos, I guess that kinda qualifies me to share my "secrets" of anti-aging? HAHAHA! My hilariously thick-skin tickles me at times. Ahem. (Ok, if you think I am not fit to tell you how to maintain youthful looks, then the 'x' button is right there on your top right. You're welcomed.)

WHY some people look younger than others

1. Genetics
Health issues are often hereditary; so are looks, and so is youthfulness. Sad truth be told, family genes play a large part on how we look now and twenty years from now. Look at your aged mother and there is some telling how you will look 50 years down the road. Rejoice if your mother/aunts/grandmother still 've got it!

2. Lifestyle
Work shifts, booze, party, late nights, smoke, over-caffeinated and still find yourself rocking a fabulous figure and young-looking face? You're just lucky. And luck DOES run out. Not now, but later. Youthful looking people choose to lead a healthier lifestyle, whenever possible. If their circumstances doesn't allow them to have that choice eg. career or family commitments, they compensate by eating right or keeping an exercise routine or catching up with their sleep on weekends.

3. Diet & Exercise
Needless to say, people who look younger than their real age are mostly healthy (and perhaps health conscious) people. These folks are wise enough to understand a simple principle of health - treat your body right, and it will serve you well. Ask around, I am certain they are doing the right things such as drinking sufficient fluids, eating right, exercising and sleeping for at least 7 hours.

4. Skincare & Haircare
This is a no-brainer. People who spend time and money on taking care of their skin & hair usually look younger than their counterparts who don't. Pretty sure you who reads my blog belongs to the former category, and I'm proud of you!

HOW to look younger?

Take this from yours truly whose lifelong mission is to find ways to look like 21 years old forever (doom to fail but I shall die trying!):
You can't change your genetics, 
but that is about all you can't change!

The rest is really up to you. If you're still reading this, manz you are quite serious about anti-aging! Well, there is no secret to anti-aging, but there are steps you can take to look and feel younger/better. Pinky promise I won't suggest cosmetic surgery here:

1. Cover your grey hair. Take care of your hair well. Your mane is what people unknowingly pay attention to, first.
2. Keep to a daily skincare routine suitable for you. Sunscreen is a MUST!
Creme Simon is really a good range for sensitive skin. Their sunscreen is award-winning!

3. Eat well, sleep well and drink up! (8 glasses of plain water please. Nope, beer and coke is not water.)
4. Take dietary supplements when you can't have a balanced diet.
5. Exercise, keep your body in shape! Start small even if you aren't a fan of fitness. Just GET MOVING and the momentum will kick in later.
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No idea where to start? Come JOIN ME & my crazyyy bunch for an hour of Zumba love & fun!

6. Keep your sanity/Manage your stress levels. Breathe deeply helps. Exercise helps. Prayers, meditation, socializing within your community - do whatever works!
7. Do things that keep YOU happy. You are going to live with YOU for an eternity, NOT your spouse, NOT your children. So, be responsible for your own happiness! Happy people look radiant and young because of their zest for life!
8. Wear makeup if that's your thing. Makeup is magic! Check out my most recent makeup tutorial if you haven't done so.

Best Beauty Blog Singapore
What are your little joys in life? Mine are makeup & nail art! Keeps me sane & transforms me into Cinderella!

Do you have secrets to anti-aging? Share with us in the comment box below!
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Thank you for reading this. See you soon in my next post!

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