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6 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid this Summer!

Summer is just round the corner! I don't know about you, but this is my favourite season of the year (even though I lived in hot, sunny, all-year-summer-weather Singapore!) to travel. I prefer to show some skin and put on bright and beautiful summer clothing, not all wrapped-up like a bak-zhang (Chinese rice dumpling) in Winter for my OOTD shoots.

Putting on the right makeup is as vital as parading in your best summer outfits, agree?

In this post, I will share some of the cringeworthy, outdated makeup trends of yesteryear that you MUST absolutely avoid this summer,  this year and possibly the next few years to follow too!

Mistake no. 1: Pearlescent light eyeshadow under the brow bone.

I know how some makeup gurus (especially the western ones) advocate for years, how this technique neaten your overall eye shadow look and give you brighter eyes. BUT, do you know if you choose the wrong shade, eg: pearly or shimmery white/beige colours, you end up looking more mature than your age?
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As illustrated above, this arch eyebrow coupled with iridescent white eyeshadow colour under the outer corner of the brow bone look IS JUST SOOOOO 90s! When I first started makeup, I was taught this technique. Fast forward 20 years, this technique is still widespread, especially amongst those who doesn't care to keep up with Korean beauty trends. Why oh why?

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Doesn't this eye makeup look younger, fresher and more suitable for Summer?

Mistake no. 2: Fully Lined eyes, with black eyeliner.

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Unless you're going for some theme party, there is no reason to fully line your Asian eyes with black eyeliner. Lower liner should not be full-on black for most Asian eyelids, particularly monolids - it really makes your eyes smaller (with the exception if you are doing a smokey eye look complemented with the right eyeshadow shades - then that may work.)

Mistake no. 3: Blusher that are swiped upwards, in attempts to create a "smaller face"

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Please stop sucking your face into a fish-face before swiping your blusher upwards!

Some think it is cool to do a blusher-cum-contour shading technique with a darker blush colour. Perhaps out of convenience, on top of hoping for a smaller face effect, yes? Well, you can certainly do so... if you want to look like you time-traveled here from the 80s.

Mistake no. 4: Super Long Falsies
This one is a no-brainer. Every girl's dream is to have long, luscious lashes that look like their own. Translates to: NATURAL-looking lashes. Who in their right minds, wants to look like they are attending Halloween party when they are out in the day?

So, the solution is to choose falsies that looks natural. If in doubt, skip falsies altogether! Just apply lash primer + mascara! Or consider natural lash extensions?

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Gyaru makeup is out! No, even Ayumi is not excused.

Mistake no. 5: OD on contouring, as if you're Kim Kardashian

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'Nuff said.

Mistake no. 6: Using a bronzer as contour powder

You do know the difference between a bronzer and a sculpting powder right? If you're using them interchangeably, then you are doing it wrong! Many bronzers have got some shimmers in them, and they are usually in warmer tone browns. They serve the purpose of giving you a sun-kissed glow, which some girls like, but this isn't the trending look for Asians right now. Of course, since summer is here, you've got all the reasons to slap on your bronzers! Nobody is gonna shoot you for that! Just do not get it confused with sculpting powder, which is supposed to be matte, taupey and acts like a shadow on the areas you want to slim down.

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Disclaimer: Above blog post's content stems from my personal humble opinion only. I am no professional, and I have no rights to tell you how you do your face. Like makeup guru Wayne Goss often says, "It's just makeup!" So yeah, have fun with makeup! While you're at it, just try to keep in mind what I'd just shared okay?

Let's all stay bright & beautiful throughout this lovely Summer 2015! Have fun, my Faithy Lovelies!

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