Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Say Hi to effortless chic, wavy hair!


This post is gonna be plastered with selfies of yours truly. 
Proceed with caution!

Recently, I have been loving my hair a lot...due to two reasons. As you know, I have a hair colour change thanks to In-Trim Hair Salon. Then I was gifted a new toy - a hair straightener, GlamPalm GP501 to play around with.

When a woman has good hair days, what does she do?  
Yes, she goes out have fun AND take selfies!! :))))

Beauty Blogger Singapore
At Shape Glow 2015 Zumba event

Beauty Blogger Singapore
Goofing around with my voluminous hair before attending Dior SG Backstage Studio Birthday Bash

Beauty Blogger Singapore
 After a long day, my hair still looks wavy & voluminous!

I prefer to have tousled and wavy hair these days...but as you know, my hair at its natural state is rather limp and frizzy at the ends.

However, thanks to GlamPalm, I can now achieve the effortless chic, tousled-hair look everyday within 5 minutes!

Beauty Blogger Singapore
GlamPalm GP501 saves the day!

My hair before styling looks flat & limp - this makes my face looks rounder than it should be (as shown on the above photo on the extreme left.). After using the straightener to gently curl my hair and give it some volume at the crown and waves at the ends, I look more ready to face the world!

Show you a pic of my hair at the back, after an hour of messing up my hair....

Beauty Blogger Singapore
Hair looking altogether despite me running my fingers through my hair and messing up every other minute!

If you want to know more about GlamPalm OR curious how I look with straight hair using the GP501, click here.

Buy your own hair miracle!
GlamPalm Singapore 
Remember: Discount code FAITHY15  for S$15 off

What hairstyle should I attempt next? Korean C-curls maybe? If you have any hairstyling ideas or any particular hairstyles you wanna see on me, let me know in the comment box below!

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