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GlamPalm GP501 : Unboxing and First Impressions


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Recently I was lined with events that require me to look more polished than usual, and I was floundering on what hairstyles I want for each event. Without a huge budget for professional hairstyling services at salons, I usually turn to my curling tongs or flat iron to DIY my hair. But the curls usually don't form well - either too curly or too messy; and straights usually end up frizzy & damaged. Huge headache! How I wish I have a 2-in-1 styler that really works!!

Imagine my delight when GlamPalm extended their helping hand to me as they delivered GlamPalm GP501 right to my doorstep! (GlamPalm is a hair iron that can straighten AND curl hair! I heard a lot about them, they are like the Queen of Styling Irons in the market.)

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I had that same reaction when I unboxed my GP. Guess what? My hair is gonna look like that too, soon. 

Just a little background information about GlamPalm...
  • Glampalm’s parent company received the iF good design award in 2010, one of the top three design awards in the world. 
  • Products are used by notable celebrities around the world such as Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Campbell, Miranda Kerr, and many others! (In Singapore, celebrities like Jamie Yeo, Rui En & blogger queen Xiaxue had also used it!)
  • Researched, designed, and manufactured in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Discovered the unique Healing Stone™ technology & incorporated this into their ceramic heating plates -the secret to their success! 

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Fascinated yet?

What is Healing Stone™ Technology?

  • Mineral ore is mined from mountains deep in the heart of South Korea
  • Contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial elements
  • Healing Stone has been used throughout the history of Korean Eastern medicine
  • Naturally emits the far-infrared rays and anions that add shine, smoothness and bounce

GlamPalm Features Review of Singapore blogger

Come share my excitement...

as I unbox this precious luxe-looking package!

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Top Bloggers Singapore
The point where I let out a little squeal of joy! Check out this stylish travel pouch!

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May I also add that the hair clips are so convenient and holds just the right amount of hair, without pulling.

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The styler's transparent cap is heat resistant! You can cap on without needing to wait for the iron to cool down.

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Firm grip. The handle actually absorbs the sweat from my hands, so this prevents from slipping!

I am pretty sure you're curious how my hair turns out after I use this GP501 right? It's my first use, hence I am starting with an everyday fuss-free straight hairstyle.

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2 days of unwashed hair! Limp hair at the crown +  dry frizzy ends.

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No pain, no mishaps! Straightener doesn't pull my hair. No accidental scalding.

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Amazed this was done within 5 minutes! I was in disbelief that my 2-days unwashed hair can look so fresh!


From the first time I held the box in my hands, to unboxing it and to testing it out on my hair... I could not find anything negative to pick on (unlike some other expensive hair gadgets from other brands)! The packaging and travel pouch are so luxurious with its amazing high-end quality, I noticed I handle it with extra care so as not to damage it! The normal me is usually thoughtless and not mindful about taking care of stuff (you know how those arty-farty folks in the creative line are. Heh.)

The straightener itself further impressed me with its sturdiness and firm grip - it's a godsend to people with sweaty palms like myself. 

This baby only takes less than 15 seconds to heat up. There is a huge temperature range to adjust from, plus with the Healing Stone technology, there is no sign of damage or any dryness with usage! My hair is porous after constant bleaching & colouring, I don't have time for regular treatments. Yet, GP 501 is able to produce the result of tresses that looked that they have just been pampered with a salon hair treatment. NO heat protectant needed, safe for daily use, as so claimed. Step aside, natural unruly hair!

The good thing about GP is, it is a multi-use product. It can straighten, add volume, waves and even curls! I look forward to creating different looks with this one styler!

Priced at SGD265, this is definitely a worthy investment every lady should consider. 

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My beloved GlamPalm GP501


You may order your GlamPalm online and get it delivered to your doorstep the next day!

GlamPalm Singapore 

There are three designs to choose from GP201, GP313 and GP501. If you're unsure which to choose from, check their styler guide on the website.

Now you have another reason to get hold of this gem & look like a glam princess every day! Simply key in promo code FAITHY15 upon checkout for S$15 off. No more bad hair days! Let's all be GLAMourous and fabulous!

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