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Hair Makeover with In-Trim Hair @The Aperia, Singapore


Hair woes are like the end of the world to many women. Lately, I frowned whenever I look at my tresses in the mirror. They looked disheveled, lackluster and limp. I was desperately in need of a fresh change of colour + a hair trim. I have been meaning to try pink highlights or any new hair colours I have not tried before. (I also wanna be a swag blogger right!)

To my delight, I was invited by In-Trim Hair for a hair makeover with my choice of hair services! Today, I am going to share my experience at In-Trim Hair with you guys.

Just a little background on In-Trim Hair, this salon is not a new kid on the block. It has its humble beginnings at The Concorde for almost 11 years before they decided to shift to this new space at The Aperia Mall, Kallang Avenue. It has since been in operation at this swanky office building cum retail mall for three months.

When I first stepped into the salon, I was particular drawn to its pop art decor. FYI, it is the first & only pop art theme salon in Singapore! The funky wall paper and the bright colours really cheers one up! (especially when you are feeling a lil' nervous like how I was, shown in below pic...)

Before haircut - flat, dry & dull hair.
My hair was dry & lifeless as I had bleached it before. I always avoided layering my hair because I want my hair to look volumnous. Little did I know that a good haircut with a right amount of layers can make hair look more 'alive', thus projecting a younger image! (You must find the right hairstylist though!)

The director stylist, Jessie snipped quite a bit of my dry ends away.
Director stylist, Ms Jessie Siaw was very friendly & helpful. She gave me useful advice on which colours to pick so I can achieve the results intended without damaging my hair. She & her team also provided me with tips to maintain & style my hair. They honestly told me that those beautiful big waves are a result of styling or using hairstyling tongs/iron/gadgets. Perming is not enough to do a good job.

Aren't these colors lovely? Guess which one is my base (brown) colour?
I was impressed by the choice of hair dye products used at In-Trim -- Shiseido. This is such a trusty Japanese brand that needs no further introduction. I literally feel safe with Shiseido products on my hair (and face too by the way!).
Can I revamp my face to look like her as well? LOL
Check out my Chun Li hairstyle with disgusting black roots grow-outs!

Jessie working her magic on my hair...


Bleached hair without colors yet

I enjoy having two stylists fussing over my locks. Haha! Check out the state-of-art salon equipment. Looks like anytime I may teleport to another planet with this spaceship-lookalike!

Colouring in progress...
Do you ever doze off during your salon treatments? I hardly do, as I am always feeling angsty how my hair will turn out. Yes, I am paranoid like that when it comes to beauty.

Another thoughtful stylist, May, chit-chatted with me to keep me entertained. Being nice and sweet, she offered to make me a cuppa so I can stay awake to finish the 5-hour hair service!

Coffee is a life saviour! I am a coffee addict who looks like a panda when I haven't had my daily dosage of poison.


After five long hours (with a short toilet break in between), I am finally ready to face the world with a bang!
Hello world!

Subtle purple hues, with a dash of pink, peppered on the left side of my hair. LOVE it!

I personally LOVE the amazing results of my hair! It's like it has got a new lease of life! If you're still not convinced why you should pay a visit to In-Trim, check out these awards/trophies!

Awards won by the talented director stylist, Jessie.

After my hair service, I took a tour of the salon... took some shots of the place and the team of stylists. :)

Cozy waiting area. Glad I don't have to wait for my turn, as I booked my appointment on a weekday afternoon.

Time for a wefie!!
Director stylist, Jessie on the left. On the extreme right is stylist May, followed by Mary next to me.


I really enjoyed the hair service at In-Trim despite the 5-hour long wait. Every staff is very professional and knows their stuff! You can tell they are very experienced in the field, yet humble & approachable. They were really sweet to me and treated me & my tresses with care and much love! I felt so pampered. 
My hair now looks hip & trendy with these subtle streaks of purple & pink! The best thing is, my hair is not dry nor damaged at all in spite of all the bleaching! Not to mention Jessie was so generous to gift me a jar of SH-RD protein cream to counteract any signs of hair damage.

Effective in smoothing out frizzy hair, while repairing hair and protecting it from further damage from heat stylers.

Apparently, this cream has been highly raved in US & Korean magazines. Even K-pop star Jang Geun Suk recommends it! I don't know where else to get it because this product is mainly used in salons. You may visit In-Trim and get yours!
Image credit: SH-RD Official Facebook page

How my hair looked one day after - NO wash NO blow/styling!

Now you can give your hair a makeover too! Quote "Blogger Faith Tan" when you make an appointment with In-Trim & get a 15% off your total bill!



The Aperia, 12 Kallang Avenue, #01-09 Singapore 339511

Phone Number

Handphone: (+65) 8321 5551 Tel: (+65) 6836 3181

How to get there?
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Thanks for reading! Let me know how your experience went after your visit to In Trim! Let's all stay beautiful together! 

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  1. You are so lucky! That hair look super awesome <333

    1. Thank you dear! Yes, I am happy with my new hair. Thanks for dropping your sweet note! <3

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  3. You look so great with your hair, total make over indeed. And the best part is, its free! I really really love the highlights, so girl! Maybe you want to try hair growth treatment too.

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