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[Editorial Post] : Daengimori (Ja Dam Hwa The First) Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review

Daengimori Ja Dam HwaScalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ja Dam Hwa The First seems like quite a handful to pronounce. But once your eyes set on this product, I am sure you won't be able to look away for at least a good one minute.

The red, oriental flowery packaging is an instant captivator. Holding it, the product exudes a luxurious feel that only high end Korean beauty products can give.

This shampoo works like two-in-one shampoo and boasts of scalp treatment effects. It contains herbal ingredients such as ginseng, ginger, foxglove, Siberian chrysanthemum, crinum, gold cocoon, green tea, sage, and chamomile.
Daengimori Ja Dam Hwa Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review
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(You may read more about ginseng & this product on the BNT website.)
We all probably know by now, how amazing ginseng can be for our skin & body, but even for scalp? Surprise surprise. (Maybe not surprising for you, beauty experts.)

Anyway, this product claims to prevents hair loss by promoting the blood circulation of scalp and manages scalp cleaning and hair nutrition all at once. 

Daengimori Ja Dam Hwa Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review

Daengimori Ja Dam Hwa Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review
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If you are able to read Korean, you should really take my suggestion and click on the above image and read the writeup on the package to know more before you purchase. BNT News sent me this in a beauty box, but there wasn't much information written in English. I guess we bloggers are expected to figure out these Korean products on our own and introduce to our lovely readers. But sorry Faithy Lovelies, I think I am not gonna waste time doing too much research on this product ... and I will tell you why later - READ ON.

But before I bring you my honest thoughts, let's check out its contents - the shampoo itself!

Daengimori Ja Dam Hwa Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review
 I was 'wowed' at the texture, scent, and quality of the shampoo upon first application.
Daengimori Ja Dam Hwa Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review
Doesn't this look bloody gross? (pun intended. haha)
My Thoughts

Whatever nice things I have to say about this product were already mentioned at the beginning of this post - its beautiful red packaging, its quality ingredients, texture of the shampoo, and the fact that it lathers really well on wet hair.

The nightmare came when I rinsed off the shampoo from my hair. My hair was immediately tangled! And probably because of that, hair fall was TWICE as much as normal!!! Part of my hair has been bleached, and this makes things worse. This is probably the worst hair entanglement I ever had in years of my shampooing experience. My hair quality is not perfect, but honestly, it is not that bad either. So imagine my horror when I thought I can skip conditioning (since this shampoo boasts of treatment and no need to use hair conditioner), just to realise if I don't use conditioner, I probably will take years to detangle - and I DID, stupidly. I followed the instructions and actually skip the conditioner on my first trial, and oh manz... the regrets! 

After spending 15 minutes to detangle my hair, I touched my hair near my scalp and felt a slight layer of wax coating the hair strands! I pressed my hand firmly on my head, and my hand kind of stuck to my head for a good two seconds!!

Previously, I have had bad experience of using shampoos that leaves a waxy film behind - after a few uses, my hair dropped and dropped...and I experienced hair loss that made me anxious day & night. Hence, this Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ja Dam Hwa shampoo trigger that same fear in me. I stopped after using it twice. (It felt waxy on my hair on both occasions which I used it).

I will likely NOT attempt to use it again.


For a product that promises scalp treatment and prevention of hair loss, I am disappointment beyond words.  

Daengimori Ja Dam Hwa Scalp and Hair Cleansing Treatment Review

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  1. Omg, I feel so sorry Faith! I truly hope it will never happen again!


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