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Review of Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04


Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Review

 If you haven't heard of this brand, Forencos, let me tell you this has got quite a background. It was the sponsor brand for a portion of the makeup, mainly eye makeup for Jeon Ji Jyun in My Love From Another Star, a highly popular Korean drama series back in 2013.
Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Review
Our dear, dear, ever-so-hilarious Cheon Song Yi. :)
Fast forward to present, this lip tint I am gonna write about in this post is being brought to fame by Sistar So You. (I got my Forencos Lip Tint in the July Beauty Box that BNT News sent to us BNT girls)

So You Sistar
So You, from Sistar

Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Review

The first thing I noticed about this lip tint is how classy the package is - both the box and the case that holds the tint itself. Doesn't the logo reminds you of Giorgio Armani Beauty? This lippie screams of luxury from head to toe.

Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Review

I literally LOL when I saw the unique name of the colour. As you can see, it says 04 LOL LOL LOL. Yes that's right - THAT's the name of this lip colour! Jokes aside, this is a gorgeous red colour with pink undertones.

Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Review
I don't usually do swatches in heart-shapes unless I really love the lip colour.
The colour looks exactly like the exterior of the tube, because as you'd guessed it, the tube is transparent!

Now, you may wonder how does it look on my lips? As usual, Korean lip tints has two ways of wearing - first, wearing it full on; second is the ombre style method.

Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Review
Full on
Forencos Lips in Love Lip Tint in 04 Swatch
Ombre style
It is up to individual preference what level of intensity you choose. For myself, I always tone down bright red with bb cushion or just by smudging it outwards from the centre.

My Thoughts
This lip tint feels more like a liquid rouge. It dries quick and doesn't feel sticky as how some lip glosses are.
The sponge applicator ensures a smooth application in one easy swipe. It is pretty fuss-free, unless your hands tremble a lot while applying, then I think wiping off any stray lip tint from the edge of your lips may pose some level of challenge. This lip tint is extremely pigmented and the staying power is unbeatable!

It may be a little drying to apply on chapped lips, as I could feel slight dryness on my lips which aren't chapped but was quite dry due to extended overseas travel in drier climates. However, I believe this isn't something a little lip balm can't take care of!

Besides the texture, the thing I love most about this baby is how this colour #04 brightens up my complexion. I am sure this is quite an universal colour and many of you will be able to pull this off as well!

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A little lippie goes a long way...

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The reason why I took one lippie away is because I wasn't informed of the price of this product, so I can't pass a fair judgement nor would I recommend it as a must-buy. Another partial reason is because of the slight dryness I feel, and the stain it leaves behind (good when you don't want to touch up outside though!) due to its superb staying power.
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  1. I'm obsessed! Thats a gorgeous lip tint!


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