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Review of MAY COOP Cleansing Mousse Review


MAY COOP Cleansing Moose Review

This is the 5th & last item that I am reviewing from my July BNT Beauty box - MAY COOP Cleansing Mousse .

Prior to this, I have never heard of the brand nor have I put any maple products on my face before. But I do love maple syrup on my pancakes. LOL.

In any case, I still braved on and tried using this cleansing moose so I can review for you guys and mainly also because I want to fulfil my obligations toward the sender of this product.

So, let's get down to business!

MAY COOP Cleansing Moose Review
Sugar maple (Acer saccharum).  Credit: Albert Herring

According to my research, maple sap is collected from the tree and maple water is apparently good for the body. Not so sure what it does to the skin, but since it contains antioxidants, I am guessing it can protect skin from free radicals?

I am sorry I couldn't find much information on this brand. All I know is, they were once featured on Get It Beauty Self - a popular Korean beauty talk show program. (Whatever products talked about on the show gets sold out fast)
MAY COOP Cleansing Moose Review
Not sure why my package looks so dirty...please ignore.

MAY COOP Cleansing Moose Review
Pumping out a dollop of foam to show you guys...
Again, as a person who can't read Korean, I can't furnish much information, so I Googled and I found a partial ingredient list on

MAY COOP Cleansing Moose Review

Seems like an organic product, although it is not USDA certified or anything like that.


The packaging is a fuss-free, no frills, white plastic bottle with a pump. Honestly, the plastic feels kind of cheapskate to me. And the design and fonts printed on the bottle is lacking in the aesthetic department. I mean, women like to look at pretty things, right?

After two weeks of usage, however, I think I am beginning to fall for this cleansing moose. My initial few washes were not spectacular - it did its job like most other bubble foam wash out of a pump. It cleaned my face without any dryness nor tight feeling. However, as weeks went by, I notice my facial complexion looks cleaner, brighter and more refined, especially significant after each wash. When I alternate with other moose cleansers, it is even more apparent that other cleansers do not produce the same pleasant clean and hydrated feel.

Here's a pic of how the back of my palm looks after a wash with MayCoop Cleansing Mousse .

MAY COOP Cleansing Moose Review

Of course you can't see anything special on that hand of mine, since it's only ONE wash. As I mentioned earlier, effects are best seen after a few washes.


(One lippie off because of its slightly high price - it costs USD23.96 excl. shipping on KoreaDepart website)

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  1. Looks like a nice cleanser. I can't rad Korean either but I do love Korean skincare products!


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