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Review of Franciscan Crab Restaurant @ Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

As some of my frequent blog visitors know, I went on several overseas trips in Summer (June/July '15). Some of which were my husband's work trips that I merely tagged along, on his airline employee benefits. I visited San Francisco for a period of 4 days as part of a flight pattern that connects to Seoul.

I did not have the time (or energy) to venture too far out in San Francisco, mainly due to shortage of time and that I fell ill that few days. With the limited time I had, I hopped around the city and one area that gave me the fondest memory was at Fisherman's Wharf. I visited Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 and discovered a restaurant that I really love.

Franciscan Crab Restaurant 

Pier 43 1/2 Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco
CA 94133, United States

Entrance of the ship-like restaurant. Seats are located upstairs.

Night view (stock image)
I did not prepare for this trip nor did I do any prior homework on what to eat/what to do/where to sight-see. I just walked to wherever I felt like back then and allowed San Francisco to surprise me (which it did, in many ways, both positive & negative). So one pleasant experience that I want to share with you is the dining adventure we had at Franciscan Crab Restaurant.

Looking at this menu item, I was sold!

Did Marilyn Monroe and other famous celebs of yesteryear actually graced this restaurant? WOW.

Interior is decked in red and white - exudes a cosy yet classy feel.

Hubby took photos of this image right out of a magazine.

The restaurant seems to look more vibrant at night.

Daytime's laid-back atmosphere... of course it has to since it resides near the sea!
Strategically located at the wharf along the bay area of San Francisco, with a ship theme, Franciscan Crab Restaurant serves a huge variety of seafood - fresh, huge and juicy!

Their star focus is mainly on crabs, but the other seafood types are just as tantalizing. Check out the menu below...
Click for FULL menu!

Since we are Asians, a single food portion in most western countries is more than enough for both of us. Plus the fact we already had brunch (and my hubby doesn't like seafood. Boo.), this is probably like a late lunch for me alone... so we just placed an order for double shrimp & double crab on iron skillet.

Yes, I finished all these by myself!

It's a shame we couldn't order more but if I could, I'd have ordered all these as well....

(Below photos credit to

As you can see from the menu, pasta is available too but I personally never really liked pasta so I did not order. There are also desserts, drinks, salads, and even kids menu - you will be spoiled for choices even if you don't like feasting on crabs!!

Crabbies: "Really? You don't like me?? ( boring must your life be...)"

Did I mention that the view is fantastic? 
Tip: Ask for a window/outdoor seat and you will be able to enjoy the view of the bay area. You can even see Alcatraz right smack in the middle! (Alcatraz is the famous prison... converted to one of the most popular tourists' destinations of SF today!)

Spot Alcatraz!

Another angle of the Pier

(Picture credit to A night view of the bay from the restaurant will be very different to what I saw in the day


FOOD: Fresh & succulent crabs, although vastly different from our all-time-favourite Singapore chilli crabs...but they were still very satisfying! The meal comes with side serve of bread and butter, so one does not take long to fill a growling tummy. Crabs here are a must-eat for seafood lovers!

SERVICE: You can hardly meet bad service in the States, since the servers' paychecks are highly dependent on customers' tip$. However, this restaurant provides mediocre service compared to their national standards... servers don't smile and not fully attentive, although the one who waited on us was considerably polite.

AMBIENCE: Fantastic view of the SF bay area; if you dine outdoors during good weather, you will probably be happily chilling half a day here. Interior design of the restaurant is amazing, with a touch of elegance and class, yet not too pretentious. I couldn't believe this "ship" was built in the 1950s!!

LOCATION: Conveniently placed near Pier 39 - one of the top tourists attractions, you wouldn't miss this spectacular architecture! (Yes, I am sure you can get there without an address. It's THAT EASY)

PRICE: We spent a total of less than USD60 for two. I consider this as mid-range restaurant food prices.


Other Information
Franciscan Crab Restaurant has received several awards and accolades over the years of operation. More details at

Click to view more at TripAdvisor

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