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Review of Swisse Hair Skin Nails and Swisse Argan Face Oil

"Beauty comes from within." Cliche as it sounds, it's true.

Hang on a sec, I am not advocating the importance of inner beauty; of course that's important but we shall leave that for another day.

I do believe that if a person really wants to look good, besides the products he/she slaps on the skin, it is pertinent that he/she reviews the stuff he/she puts into his/her mouth. "Garbage in, garbage out" couldn't be more apt here.

When we are in our early twenties, we probably don't give too much thought about what goes into our body, much less to say faithfully ingest a good health/beauty supplement. Now that I have hit my big 3, I am more receptive when people recommend me good health supplements. 

 Swisse Hair Skin Nails+

My hubby is an avid traveller due to his work nature, and he has a special interest in health products. When he first bought me this Swisse Hair Skin Nails+ from Australia about 5 months ago, I was still quite skeptical if it suits me. After reading the ingredients list, I find that it seems no harm giving it a try.

Click to enlarge ingredient list
After trying Swisse Hair Skin Nails+ for a couple of months (1 pill per day), I started seeing the brand's advertisements airing on my local TV. Quite happy to see that Singapore has imported this from the Down Under! Swisse Singapore engaged our local celebrity, Rebecca Lim, to endorse this supplement.

Seeing Rebecca as their ambassador puts my heart at ease - I felt like I could trust her. Haha!

MY THOUGHTS on Hair Skin Nails+

The ingredients seems safe and somewhat common - vitamin C, zinc, silica, iron, biotin; with only the exception of St. Mary's Thistle, also known as 'Milk Thistle'; that is not as common but still, it is not unheard of. St. Mary's Thistle is a plant (as shown on the above photo) believed to be healthy for the liver due to its detoxifying properties. Liver breaks down excess hormones. Healthy liver function may contribute to a better hormone balance, thus helping to alleviate PMS symptoms and clear the skin in cases of hormonal acne.

From experience, I find that Vitamin C & Zinc are two key essentials to speed up the clearing of acne scars and lightening of sun spots on the skin. I take Redoxon Vitamin C + Zinc Slow Release on a daily basis. And on the weeks that I don't, it becomes apparent that my pimple scars are not healing as quick, and my skin looks darker than when I am on vitamin C supplement.
Iron nourishes the blood, so it is vital we have sufficient intake to remain healthy. With healthy blood, our skin, hair & nails obviously will become healthier too. 

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H is actually a soluble Vitamin B7. Often used to strengthen hair, it is said to do the same for nails and skin as well.

From the list of ingredients used in  Swisse Hair Skin Nails, we can conclude that this supplement tackles the basics and does not have many unnecessary or strange herbs that may pose health risks.

Personally, I find that my hair fall decreased a little and my nails were less brittle while I was using this supplement. I haven't witness any significant improvements to my skin, but my skin weren't causing any nuisance like it frequently does. On the plus side, I also did not experience any health problems after using this.


Swisse Argan Face Oil

Facial oils are not newbies in the market. Many women use them and rave about them. But because of my combination/acne-prone skin, for the longest time I have an innate fear of putting anything with oil in it onto my face. My facial skin condition is more stable nowadays as compared to some years ago, so I thought why not try using Argan oil - which is in fact meant to reset the skin's oil & water balance and also helps to clear blemishes? My friend gave me a sample of argan oil from another brand and I tried it with no negative side effects, so I braved myself on to try this one from Swisse.

Also made in Australia, this is a certified organic product that can be used on the face, hair & body.
It claims to improve the appearance of skin elasticity, hydration and ageing skin/blemishes. Sounds perfect, no? :)
My hubby bought this in Melbourne, together with the Hair Skin Nails+, and we forgot the price! (Opps, sorry!) And I haven't seen this argan oil on the shelves in Singapore yet. If you do, please kindly let me know in the comment box below!

SWATCHES & THOUGHTS on Swisse Argan Oil

I haven't use that many other brands of argan oil to be able to accurately judge how good (or bad) this Swisse one is, therefore I can only say it as it is.

First impression: Lightweight, thin consistency (quite feels watery, not oily) and spreads onto skin rather easily. Absorbs into skin in less than one minute after massaging. Faint scent - definitely not the heavy essential oil kind of fragrant smells though. Skin feels clean and moisturised after application, sans the greasy feel. Skin does look a little glowy since it really do have a thin film of oil on it. I don't normally used it on hair, but I did smooth some of the leftover oil on my palm onto my hair. Didn't find anything exceptional - didn't moisturise nor did it weigh my hair down.

After two weeks of usage: My face looks & feels less dry in air-conditioned rooms. I used this really sparingly at night and only pat on lightly on my face, at the last step of my daily skincare routine. There are times my facial skin looks a little greasy, perhaps after combining with my natural facial oils, the oil oxidizes? I didn't dare to apply this during hot weather, as I believe oil is still oil and oil can clog pores. I also had a few zits like how I normally would (probably due to hormonal cycles); it didn't really improve my facial skin like it (and many other argan oil) claimed.
Light, watery consistency.

Absorbs into the skin totally after one minute!
On a side note, I do not think that this is a bad product. It may have worked better for other skin types or for people living in less hot/humid climates. I may want to test this out again when I head to London this winter.

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