Monday, 14 December 2015

Review of I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Make Up Base


BNTnews generously sent me their December beauty box and the first product I am going to review is ...

I-MIIX Magic Capsule Silky Make Up Base.

Comes in a pretty purple packaging, this cute tube of little pearls is a primer in the colour Green, that helps cuts down redness on the skin before you apply your foundation.

I personally have never heard of this brand prior to receiving this sample. From the press release sent to me:

This makeup base is made of visible color capsules that contain a moisturizing and makeup-preserving essence.

It fixes skin’s tone, protects from UV rays and improves skin’s natural color.

Does not contain any oil for a safe use, even for sensitive skins.


Product Swatches
Bare skin BEFORE application

Creamy consistency
AFTER application
The green hue may be noticeable if you slap on generously, therefore I suggest to apply 
with a light hand if you have slight redness on your skin.


Product packaging is pretty and simple. Fitted with a pump, so it dispenses readily in one or two pumps. Product quality is quite good. The application is smooth and it gives off a sweet powdery scent as you apply onto your face.

However, I did not feel that it suits my skin type because there are no redness or sensitivity on my face at the point of sampling and I couldn't accurately tell if it will cut down redness
naturally. At the end of the day, the product caked up and my face looks ghastly, greasy to 
the point I actually had a shock when I checked myself in the mirror!

That being said, please keep in mind my skin type is oily and very yellow, this product might not suit me but it may be good for dry/sensitive skin type.



Price: 47,000 Won

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