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Review of THELAVICOS Whitening C Ampoule


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                     THELAVICOS Whitening C Ampoule

THELAVICOS Whitening C Ampoule is a relatively new product launched in November, and you probably have not heard about it before. However the Korean brand is not new, and its market segment reaches as far as Taiwan and China.

The shimmery white packaging spells L.U.X.U.R.I.O.U.S and truly befits this festive season!

Whitening Project For 4 Weeks

THELAVICOS Whitening C Ampoule comes to me in a box of four small bottles as shown in the above pic. Each bottle is sufficient to last a week long of applications. 

Upon scrunity, you see orange tiny beads on the top compartment, beneath that is the transparent gel.

How the bottle look BEFORE mixing the beads and gel
Key Ingredients

- Niacinamide and Vitamin C Powder to achieve firm, youthful and fair skin.
- Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 that prevent skin damage and improve its condition.

Fermented ingredients such as yeast of mistletoe, beans and extracts of Saccharomyces.

Directions of Use

1. Open the cap and gently push the pump.
2. The powder that was separated starts to mix with the essence.
3. Shake the product.

4. Apply it as a serum during your routine. Once mixed, it’s recommended to use within 2 weeks. 

Swatches of Product

Watery gel consistency

After 1 minute of application


Disclaimer: I didn't have time to use for four weeks.

Does your confusion peak when you read about ampoule, serums and essences? I hope you don't. You may look up on the net and I'm sure you can find detailed answers.. But for the purpose of helping you grasp a better understanding of this product I am reviewing, long story short: an ampoule is a serum that is supercharged with much more active ingredients, meant to used for a short period of time during skin crisis. 

The ampoule feels like a heavy duty whitening serum, with watery consistency that does leave your skin feeling a little sticky for a good two minutes. The solution is to pat product instead of spreading and spreading in hope for it to dry. It won't. So, SLAP SLAP SLAP.

However, product eventually does get absorbs and the awesome bonus is that it doesn't leave behind a sticky film or residue after absorbtion.

After 1 week's trial, I indeed end up with fairer skin! (I think that's The Liner that everyone wants to hear right?) YES IT WORKS. It really whitens skin, not brighten, but WHITEN.

Downside of this product? As with other Vitamin C infused products, it could raise sensitivity in one's skin. My skin reddens within 30 minutes of application -though not serious, but the slight redness lingers for a few hours and never really subsides until it is washed off. DO NOT layer this product with AHA products. Not unless you are feeling so festive that you want to wear Santa red on your face.

Dry skin users please layer a good, moisturising product (such as hydrating serum, moisturiser or facial oil) after this.


Price: 80,000 Won

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