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A Delightful Experience at D'Light Adara Spa! - Review of Payot Solution Techni Liss


Review of Dlight Facial Spa

Heard of the Parisian beauty brand, Payot? I believe you are one of the many women who have, especially if you for go regular facials. Payot, with a history of over 100 years, is one of the oldest & most trusty brands that quality beauty salons use for their facials. 

Boss of D'Light Adara (left) with Mr Rodrique Chastenet de Grey, Export Director of Payot Paris.
Recently, I had the honour to be invited for a facial by a beauty spa, endorsed by the current Regional Director of Payot in France himself. (Yes, out of so many Payot authorised beauty salons in the world, the Export Regional Director of Payot actually flew to Singapore and paid a visit to this beauty spa!) And this beauty spa I am reviewing today is none other than D'Light Adara Spa!

D'Light Adara Spa is situated in the recluse of Hougang Street 21, away from the hustle & bustle of the city. As I first stepped into the spa, I was cordially greeted by the lady boss, Ms Doris Lee and her friendly female staff. One of spa's selling points is female privacy, hence, no males are allowed to enter the grounds. I felt at ease & comfortable knowing that I am in good hands, and my privacy won't be compromised.

Lounge area 

The first step of the facial experience entails a quick assessment of my current skin health and completing a form to help the facial therapist understand my needs better. 

Upon removal of my makeup, Shirley, my facial therapist, immediately analyzed my skin as combination skin type and followed by recommending me one of Payot's signature salon treatments - Solution Techni Liss.

Quoted from Payot's official website:
"Solution Techni Liss is an  ultra- smoothing protocol that consists of a relaxation prelude to release muscle tension and eliminate fatigue.
It is followed by a high concentration of AHA peels to " makeover " and refine skin texture.
A specific modeling, the 42-Movement massage, stimulates muscles and skin to tone and stimulate your body.
A rebalancing smoothing mask with hyaluronic acid completes the task and restores the pH of the skin after peeling while smoothing and filling wrinkles."

Payot Techniliss facial review


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Unedited shot of my face with zero makeup - horrible spots, acne scars and dull complexion.


Before the start of the facial proper, the facial therapist showed me an array of Payot products that would be applied to my skin. Both the boss and the therapist patiently explained the uses & expected results I could obtained from these products/treatments. They mentioned that they usually do this demonstration for new customers, as a proof of the authenticity & breadth of the products used on their customers.

(Side note: Photos are slightly dark due to dim lights in the spa.)

Payot facial review
Wow, all the awesome Payot goodies that my skin would be enjoying!

Payot facial review
This box made me wished I was a beautician for a split moment! (So I can beautify my face myself.) LOL.
Payot facial review
The 42-Movement massage

The facial therapist gave me a what I teasingly called "an almost-full body massage" because the areas massaged included head, face, neck, shoulders, all the way right down to the back!

She began the amazing ritual by rubbing lavender essential oils on her palms and waving them near my nose so I could enjoy the smell and calm my senses. It was such a lovely gesture! Then I noticed some time along the massage, as the lavender scent faded away, she gently dripped a few more dots of essential oil onto the towels that were draped along my collar bone. 

Best facial singapore
Noticed bubbles on my face?
Following the massage, she applied an exfoliation AHA mask on my face which contains 15% glycolic acid. Instead of the usual stinging sensation one may experience from AHA peels, this mask totally felt cool & refreshing, with a sizzling feeling of the bursting bubbles. Quite the unique exfoliator, I would say.

Best facial singapore

The last mask applied on my skin is, in my personal opinion, the star product of the entire facial! As Shirley mixed the masks, she explained to me that this one contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, seaweed extract, rice extract (similar to piteria used in SKII products!) and hibiscus extract. I was stoked when I learned about that, because I am a sucker for natural skincare ingredients! Furthermore, the product exudes a wispy floral fragrance that relaxes the whole being.... in fact, I dozed off for a bit!

Best facial spa singapore

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Another unedited shot. Check out my RADIANT skin! I don't need foundation after facial!!!


Service: Professional, highly experienced, well-trained, friendly like your family - this is what you can expect from the therapists at D'Light Spa. There are many amazing gestures made by the staff. For example, the genuine smiles of EVERY single staff, even the ones who are not assigned to serve you. Also, like I have mentioned before, the massage of the therapist Shirley is very thorough. Pressure was just right, her hands movements were smooth and flowy - I was pleasantly surprised at how she was insistent that hands must never leave the body during the massage and moves have to be continuous. I also loved how thoughtful she was when she generously used essential oil to help me relax, regularly checked if the pressure and temperature was right for me. Generous servings of delish, warm lemongrass tea before & after facial were added bonus points for me!

Products: Mainly Payot products, although there are other brands available as well. Authenticity documented as per my photos shown above. You're welcome to inspect them before they begin facial with you! Be prepared that generous amounts of toner, moisturizer, massage cream, essential oils, etc. will be served! And your skin will thank you for feeding them wonderful nutrients!

Results: As claimed. Radiant, supple, youthful skin revealed. Lines and pores are reduced. Skin feels super fresh and clean. For the first time, I dared to go foundation-less AFTER a facial! Results are comparable to aesthetic treatments such as microdermabrasion.

Location & Ambience: Near to Kovan MRT, on the NEL Line. Easily accessible by train & buses. FEMALES ONLY SPA. Private, clean & cosy spa environment perfect for relaxation.

Price Range: Facials from SGD128 onwards. Payot Solution Techni Liss is priced at SGD268 per treatment. Buy a package of three treatments, get three FREE eye treatments


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Me and lovely #girlboss Doris!
Top Beauty Blogger
My sweet therapist, Shirley. She's one of those rare local born & bred Singaporean beauticians!

NOW, D'Light Spa is having a 50% OFF promotion 
for first-timers

Call them at 6251 5755 to make an appointment! They will analyse your skin and recommend a suitable skin solution/beauty program for you. 

Other Information
Phone: 6251 5755
Address: Blk 212 Hougang St 21 #01-325 Singapore 530212
Facebook Page:

Go ahead & pamper yourself this festive season! Enjoy top-notch service at the cosy heartlands of Hougang! Let me know how it goes for you. Stay happy & pretty, lovelies!

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