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Review of ISILOE Premium Whitening Kit


Last and the most stunning & huge product from BNT Beauty Box is....

ISILOE Premium Whitening Kit

This is a full-sized whitening size kit that consists of Enriched Softener, Enriched Cream and Enriched Concentrate (Apply onto face in that order) and two travel sized softener and cream.

Unboxing this set was great joy because all parts of the packaging oozes class & elegance. Side note: it will make such a fabulous Christmas gift!

Through the press release, I was informed that by using Alpha-Bisabolol , this product’s whitening function was recognized by KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration). It sounds cool, and I feel safe using products that are approved by national health authority.

Key Ingredients

Mulberry root

Whitening Booster

Its extracts of Sophora and Mulberry Root effectively brighten your skin and prevent dullness.

Moisturizing and Tightening
Its papaya extracts maintain the luminosity of your skin thanks to its mild exfoliating function.  
  STEP 1: Enriched Softener
Softener is another word for toner. Apply with cotton pad or just pat some onto face.

STEP 2: Enriched Cream 
Moisturize your skin with this cream

STEP 3: Enriched Concentrate

It is indeed interesting to note that the whitening concentrate (resembling a serum type of product) is used as the final step of the routine. I believe that product dispenser is a telling sign that this concentrated cream-serum is a special product that is formulated to seal in all the goodness of the prior steps applied. Tip: I used the applicator tip to give my cheeks a good massage!



Clearly, the packaging of the set and the design of the individual bottles instantly boosted 100000 bonus points to this product's overall score. Haha!

The scent of the product is light, fresh, very pleasant and strangely calms your sense. I don't think there are sleep-inducing ingredients such as lavender present in it, but it just exudes a really nice feminine scent.

Since this line only contains 3 products, one cannot complain of too many steps as with other K-beauty routines that boast of at least 5 products. I think 3 is a good number to work with.

I only tried this entire set for a week so this may not be an accurate representation. However, during the week of trial use, I noticed my skin looks firmer, less oily and FAIR. My husband who is normally insensitive to my skin changes, ALSO remarked my facial skin seems to become PALE. I'd have hoped to hear adjectives such as "radiant", "glowing", "lighter"... but alas, it didn't happen. I personally could vouch for the set's effectiveness in lightening skin tone, but indeed, I also didn't feel it brightens and help produce radiant, dewy skin...Nope.

Besides, I also experienced slight dryness and a few bumps alongside the whitening effects. Just when I thought by combining with my own hydrating serum might counteract those undesirable side effects, the products clashed and I ended up with more bumps the morning after.

My suggestion is, if you by any chance get hold of this set, use it as a complete set without addition of your other facial skincare products. And try to limit to use during warmer/more humid days and don't scrimp on the Enriched Cream!

On the whole, I still love this set since the whitening & firming effects are visible - and in all honesty, products with these two effects combined in one single line are HARDLY available. (Or I just have yet to discover it.)


Price: Unavailable at point of writing. (I'm guessing it's at a premium price point.)

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  1. Interesting! I also received this set, but I think the concentrate could be used as a spot treatment since it seems to have stronger whitening properties! However, it's applicator does seem to be designed for facial massage, so I'm not 100% sure which one it is. :D


    1. I used it as a spot treatment sometimes too! Like you, I am unsure so I tried both ways. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog. Xx


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