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Review of Que Origin Shower.Bath + FREE Samples giveaway!


Health & beauty - Which will you choose?

What if you can choose BOTH? :)

Skin is the largest organ of the body, so we need to take good care of it (I know many of us do neglect it sometimes, guilty-as-charged.) As the skin absorbs the good & bad and eventually all of that goes into our body, therefore we also must take heed of the ingredients that we apply onto our skin, agree?

That's why organic bodycare products are something I personally feel everyone must invest in, regardless of gender; regardless of whether you are into beauty products or not.

I am very pleased that recently I was introduced to a new local Singapore bodycare brand - Que Origin. 

Que Origin is a completely new brand started from scratch aiming to provide nourishing body care. The first product to kick start this brand is their Shower Bath which can be used as both body wash and bubble bath. It is formulated with natural oil, infused with botanical extracts and scented with only natural essential oils from Australia. Numerous harmful chemicals have been excluded, and that could make the process of formulation a challenge, but Que Origin did it!

Furthermore, the essential oils they used were carefully selected from Australia and transport them to Korea facilities with GMP for manufacturing. Thus making sure that each and every bottle was made with purest ingredients in an advance facility.

Que Origin Shower.Bath Lavender 
A very sweet gift!
Que Origin is very sweet to customise a bottle with my name & blog logo on it. Customiseable bottle designs are one of their unique selling points!

My personalised bottle comes in Lavender scent.
Que Origin Shower.Bath Rose


Que Origin Shower.Bath Lemongrass
Colourless, light, fragrant goodness in my palm.
My skin texture shown marked improvements after just one use!


I tried all three scents, and find myself reaching out for Lemongrass the most as it reminds me of a pampering spa experience! All the scents are easy on the nose, and the texture is light & not oily. My skin benefits the most from this shower bath - my post winter parched skin was instantly moisturised after one use! It doesn't lather much yet it cleanses superbly well without any hint of dryness.

Rarely you can find an all-rounded product that makes a perfect & inexpensive gift for others and for yourself. This set really has it all! Major score point is the shower bath are free from many harmful & harsh chemicals:

Sulphates Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES), Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (ALS), Ammonium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (ALES), Soap, Harmful Preservatives, Parabens, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, DMDM, Hydantoin, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Fragrance, Phthalates (often use in synthetic fragrance for lasting scent), Propylene Glycol, EDTA, Alcohols, Ethanolamine Compounds, DEA, MEA, TEA, Animal Testing or by-products.

  1. Hydrating for the skin - my skin dryness & itchiness went away instantly.
  2. Cleanse thoroughly with no oily residue
  3. Affordable for daily use
  4. Pretty packaging - customised stickers on the bottle
  5. Makes a fancy, personalised gift for anyone
  6. Cruelty-free (yayyyy!)
  7. 250ml bottle awesome for travel and 730ml good for family use
  8. It's a Singapore brand - support our local brands!
  9. FREE SHIPPING for the first order!!
 - NIL-


PRICE: 250ml S$4.90*/ 730ml S$9.80
*Discounted price with coupon code FAITHY

Earn Vouchers & Rewards when you purchase!!


With Chinese New Year round the corner, Que Origin launches HUATY, THE PROSPERITY MONKEY which is  scented with Sweet Orange Essential oil and mild Rose Geranium.

For Valentine's Day, they have three limited edition sets. Special mention to the unique CHOCOLATE DELIGHT which is made up of Rich Smooth Chocolate, Natural Vanilla Extract and Sweet Rose Geranium. Chocolates! Yes you heard right.
Chocolate Delight (Left) and HUATY (Right) 

Now, design your own bottle and send to your loved ones with FREE shipping (first order)!!
PLUS, $5 OFF for all my readers!! 
Click on this link:
Alternatively, you can visit their website and key in  FAITHY during checkout.

(Whilst stocks lasts)

To receive a free sample, 1. LIKE my Facebook page, 2. Look for the above photo, tag any number of friends whom you think will like this product; 3. PM your mailing address.

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