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Soft & Silky Hair with The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City


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Hair troubles are one of the worst problems for a woman, especially when it comes to nearing festive seasons.
I was relieved when The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City invited me to sample their hair services. I hope to do something for my dry, dull hair - be it a perm, a treatment or even a huge change of colour.

The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City Review
Conveniently located at a prime central location, Raffles City S.C. (at City Hall MRT station), The Scene Hair Salon is a fairly new Korean hair salon; under the same hair group of Dusol Beauty Singapore.

The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City Review

The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City Review

There were already many reviews and even Youtube videos on Dusol Beauty, hence I was pretty certain I would be in good (Korean) hands. Some information about the hairstylists of The Scene @Raffles:

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I was served by the very experienced hairstylist, Jade, and he advised me against perms as parts of my hair had been bleached and looks damaged. Being a cautious person that I am, I took heed of his advice and we proceeded to undergo their popular DEESSE's [L.M] 3+1 Hair Treatment: a 4-step hair treatment to nourish & repair the hair.

STEP 1: Apply moisture and heat to expand hair cuticles as preps for upcoming steps

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Steam coming out from the spaceship on my head - FUN! LOL
STEP 2: Apply protein to strengthen hair.
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Jade gently applying the protein cream, making sure every strand gets its goodness!
STEP 3: Wash off protein cream, Apply hair oil.

(This step is done by the stylist assistant. And I get my 15 min of beauty sleep while waiting for oil to be absorbed)

The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City Review

After washing off the hair oil thoroughly, it was time to blow dry & style~! Knowing that I love big wavy curls, Jade started styling my hair the way I want even without me telling him what to do. The styling was very quick and end results were big, feminine curls which I like a lot.

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STEP 4: After a week, use the provided hair pack  (heat care & colour hair masque) as your home treament.

The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City Review

The Scene Hair Salon at Raffles City Review
Deesse's Hair treatment


Situated at a location so convenient and readily accessible, this is already a first win for this minimalistic, unpretentious, cosy Korean salon. I felt super pampered throughout the hair service by The Scene Hair Salon @Raffles City. Unlike other Korean salons which are often professional but lacking the human touch, I felt at home and at ease with their staff. With the effectively-bilingual marketing personnel Jack around, there were absolutely no communication barriers with the hairstylist. The hairstylists understand English, so customers can rest assured they will be understood by their hairstylist. All of them at The Scene (including the big Boss! Yes!) are friendly, hospitable and make you feel extremely welcomed.

Jade was extremely careful with my hair as my hair is rather thin and fairly damaged. Every move on my hair was so gentle - first time I feel my hair is THAT PRECIOUS!! Haha! End results of the hair treatment was amazing - my hair was superbly soft & supple to touch, and appeared shiner & healthier!

5 days after the hair treatment, my hair still remains soft & smooth. My initially-fried hair's condition improved; even the scalp feels lighter and more hydrated. I totally adore this DEESSE's [L.M] 3+1hair treatment!

Price of DEESSE's [L.M] 3+1hair treatment: S$125 (short)| S$150 (medium) | S$175 (long)

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From 1st of March onwards, 1st 30 customers to mention FAITH TAN gets 10% discount OFF all services!

For more information on services and prices, go to:

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