Monday, 18 April 2016

Vely Vely IM Custom Flawless Concealer Review


The second item in my April '16 BNT Beauty Box is Vely Vely IM Custom Flawless Concealer. It looks pretty mild and normal in a tube, but wait till you see the swatches!

Anyway, I really love the spatula-shaped sponge tip applicator - it's such a neat invention!

Vely Vely IM Custom Flawless Concealer has the following three selling points:

  • Provides Sun Protection (SPF30/PA++)
  • Covers Blemishes well (High coverage)
  • Blends in well

On the back of my hand, this shade Natural is obviously not my shade match. There are only two shades - Light or Natural. 


The creamy texture indeed makes the product rich and easy to blend. Since it is highly pigmented, consequently its coverage is very high. Think: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. This is a dupe but an improved version with a much higher level of hydration! That translates to no fine lines/cracks nor caking under your eyes. Awesome much? :)))

I used no tools with this concealer. Just dab minimally (in streaks) and viola! End Result: a very even coverage with approximately 95% of the blemishes concealed. I was glad the shade Natural worked on my face; I find it especially suitable for undereye area. My eyebags and dark eye circles were poof! GONE. It's amazing!

Retail Price: 18,000 won


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