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Dr. Belter Cosmetic Derm-A-Renew Treatment Review

Review of Dr Belter Cosmetic

Review of Dr Belter Cosmetic

Large pores, acne & blackheads, aging & dull skin...sounds like your skin concerns? Then we are on the same boat.

When Annabelle Skin, an award winning, reputable facial salon invited me to try the German cult brand Dr. Belter Cosmetic Derm-A-Renew Treatment (their latest chemical peel) , I immediately knew that could be a potential solution to my current skin problems!

Dr Belter Cosmetic has more than 30 years of skincare expertise in Germany, and their products are both used by professional salons and made available for retail sales to the masses. Utilising natural botanical ingredients, the brand is very forward with their ampoules technology and has developed some of the best ones in the market. Dr Belter Cosmetic has also been featured in a lot of our local magazines, including Her World, Simply Her and Women's Weekly.

So what is Derm-A-Renew Treatment?

Review of Dr Belter Cosmetic
Basically, this is an improved two-steps chemical peel made from fruit acids that is targeted not only to renew skin but also to nourish skin. This is a course of 8-sessions treatment.The concentrates come in 10%, 20% and 40% fruit acids, and are used throughout the course of treatments. The therapist will start from the lowest concentration of 10% for the first two sessions, and gradually increase the levels according to the skin condition as the treatment progresses every bi-weekly for an effective result. During each session, the concentrate will be administered step-by-step with a mask.

The therapist too will select, mix and match the ampoule and facial mask that is suitable for your skin, and also taking your skin concerns into consideration.


The therapist at Annabelle Skin patiently examined my skin and gave a thorough analysis of its condition. I was glad to hear my skin is relatively okay, although there are signs of surface dehydration and slightly enlarged pores. 
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WARNING: NOW, time to take a deep breath and endure the impending flood of obscene, enlarged images (of my full-of-gunk skin!)
Review of Dr Belter Cosmetic

Disgusted? Don't. Because according to the experts at the salon, my skin is considerably "healthier" than many people already. Are you curious yet - how bad your skin looks under this state-of-art magnifier?? (Then you probably should head to Annabelle Skin pretty soon. Haha.)

Ampoule selection: No. 2 Hy-O-Silk (contains milk peptides and silk protein with lots of Vit C & E, and hyaluronic acid, which will give a smooth and brighter tone to complexion)

Mask selection: PhytoCell PhysioMarine Mask

Acid concentration level: 20 %

My skin has been well-adjusted to chemical peels and other aesthetic treatments, so starting with 20% will be more effective for me. Also, I communicated my hopes to achieve a fairer skin tone coupled with increased hydration and radiance, therefore the aforesaid treatments were customised for me. After consultation which takes about 25 minutes, I proceed to the cosy treatment room and almost slept through the treatment!

Pain Level During Treatment

There is very minimal itching/burning sensation during the peel. As compared to my past chemical peeling experiences with aesthetic doctors, this is a much more pleasant one. The therapist at Annabelle is very competent and highly knowledgeable about skincare, so I know I am in safe hands. However, I was still slightly taken aback when she started doing extractions after the peel - I never knew that can be possible RIGHT AFTER a peel. Extraction process felt quite painful with all the needle-poking, but thank God it was swift and took less than 10 minutes. I initially thought : "Oh dear, there goes my skin... gonna be damn red and scarring like last time!" (I have had pretty bad prior experiences with facials so I am paranoid.) BUT I WAS SURPRISED when I saw my face after the whole treatment.

Review of Dr Belter Cosmetic
So yes, this was me right after the whole facial treatment WITHOUT any makeup. Not much redness, no downtime! I could just dab on a bit of concealer and go partying right-away (but I didn't though.)

Service of Salon
From consultation to the peel + mask treatment, it took about 1 hour and 15min. The therapist provides free eyebrow-shaping service too! Thumbs up! As mentioned before, Annabelle Skin uses state-of-art equipment to analyze the skin. The therapist is very versed with skin related issues, and welcome questions. She even taught me how to apply skincare products the right way and how to remove makeup correctly too, since most of my skin problems probably were caused by erroneous ways of removing makeup.

Effectiveness of Treatment
After 2 weeks, my skin still looks clean and radiant. It was SOOO amazingly SMOOTH to touch for the first three days after the treatment. My skin before PMS is usually horrible, but that week I had very happy skin. I am certain if I faithfully complete the whole course of 8 sessions, my skin will be brand new like a newborn baby's!

SGD238. Slightly pricer than a normal chemical peel. But this is way better, gentler and safer than the ones you do with aesthetic doctors (which can burn your skin sometimes). It comes with a complete facial experience - cleansing, toning, ampoules, a little massage, extraction, mask, eyebrow-shaping. Hence, the price matches the delivered value.

Who is is for?
Suitable for both male and females, as well as different skin conditions including acne, enlarged pores, dull skin complexions, scarring, pigmentation, and mature, wrinkled skin.

Homecare Products

Review of Dr Belter Cosmetic
After the treatment service, I was gifted a trial set of customised Dr. Belter homecare products, as pictured above. Oh my, was I in love with the lovely natural scents! It was so soothing; every night I look forward to removing my makeup and follow up with the rest of the routine. I won't be reviewing these babies one by one here - I used them as a set (and have since completed them by Day 5. SOBS!) and they were seriously wonderful to my skin and to my five senses. Highly recommended!

Have you tried any of Dr. Belter treatments or products? Share with me how you think about them!
Thanks for reading and wishing you a good week ahead!

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