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Review of Pure Tincture Organic Facial Service - sukispa Balancing Cosmeceutical Facial


You are not just what you eat, you are also what you apply. Amongst the huge variety of skincare brands, I always have a soft spot for natural/organic brands due to the better health benefits that tag along.
In Singapore, organic facial salons are still quite a niche of its own. One popular and better-known organic facial place is Pure Tincture Organic Beauty. Their facials are tailored to different skin types and have been regularly featured in local magazines since 2011.

Pure Tincture has two branches situated at Tras Street and Adelphi. I went to the Tras Street branch which is a newer facial studio, within walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Located along the stretch of Korean restaurants and nearby wedding studios,  Pure Tincture is relatively easy to get to; but since it is built on the second floor, some may find it quite obscure. There is a need to walk up the stairs (as pictured above).

Upon entry to the facial salon, the spaciousness, tranquility, soft music & elegant decor instantly sets the mood up for a relaxing facial treat. There is even a pretty vanity tugged at one corner of the room for patrons to retouch their makeup with their organic makeup testers. Customers will be served organic ginger tea while they wait for their turn, and after their facial.

Pure Tincture sells organic skincare and makeup products and these can be ordered online too. Some of my favourite organic, non-toxic makeup brands include Alima Pure, ILIA and Lily Lolo - all these can be purchased from Pure Tincture.

Simple treatment room with clean white interior

 suki products were used on my face during the facial

My primary skin concern of the day was my breakouts due to PMS. It was quite bad and I was hoping to clear them up asap as I have many beauty & personal events to attend this month.

After assessing my skin condition, the therapist, Minna, recommended me to try their sukispa Balancing Cosmeceutical Facial – 60 mins | $130 Deep Pore - 90 mins | $180.

"This treatment is a gentle yet effective facial to decongest clogged pores, kill bacteria & control oil production leaving the skin soothed, calmed & purified without stripping the skin’s essential moisture. suki® products at professional grade potencies beef up the skin’s immune response to fight future breakouts. Skin feels calm, smooth and clean and softly radiant. For combination skin/ acneic skin" - read more on

This facial includes steaming, extraction, a gentle acid peel and of course other mask applications. Minna generously threw in a free eye treatment mask for me as she felt that my dark circles needed some TLC. Haha!



I don't have much prior experience with other organic facials so no comparisons can be done here. However, the instant visible result shown on my skin right after the facial was how clean & refined my skin looked (especially soft & clean to touch); and my entire face also seemed smaller! Credits go to Minna's facial massage for the notable firming effect. Do note that Minna's strokes are hard; and the massage extend to the neck, shoulders, upper back & arms - hence  I suggest you make your pressure preferences known to your therapist before facial starts. I personally do not fancy strong a.k.a painful body massages, it makes me tense up even more.

That being said, Minna is an experienced & knowledgeable therapist. She told me actually I should not have come for facial during menses as she is concerned about lowered pain tolerance levels around that time of the month. It is true - apart from the massage which I found a little overwhelming, I also felt the stinging/burning sensation during the acid peel. I had to request for the peel to be washed off sooner than stipulated time.

So girlies, take a hint - don't go for any beauty services such as facials, massages, waxing, IPL, chemical peels, etc. during your sensitive period!

Pure Tincture offers many types of facials and with several awards and accolades under its belt, I was certain I would be in good hands even before my facial began. And I was right - the facial's effectiveness in clearing up my congested pores (even without extractions as I request for no extractions) remained seen, even days after the facial.



  1. ALL first-timers get a 20% off for their first facial with Pure Tincture!
  2. Best-selling cleanser for sensitive skin - Pai cleanser 200ml retails at $68 (u.p.$88)


For more details on their products and services, please visit

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