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Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker New range Review


UVA and UVB suncreens have long been an industry standard for sun protection, but do you know that that's only part of the story?

UVA and UVB make up only 7% of light spectrum while visible light* and infrared comprise of 93% - which induce 50% of free radicals, contributing to skin damage and premature aging.  

*Visible lights are everywhere - the spot lights in the malls, your office fluorescent lights, even some of your home lightings; whereas infrared  is a type of electromagnetic radiation that you can't see but can feel as heat - your everyday electronic gadgets such as TV, PCs, cellphones, microwave ovens emit infrared!

This horrible fact is a total game changer to my sun protection skincare routine. And boy, am I glad when I was introduced to Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker New range. This is the first brand that developed the first all-in-one anti-aging miracle products with full-spectrum protection against UVA, UVAB, infrared and visible light.

At the same time, this range of products contains Philosophy patented bi-retinoid that works along with active plant cells to help rebuild collagen and rejuvenate skin's appearance layer by layer.

The full range of Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker consists of:

  1. Ultimate miracle worker day emulsion (45ml) $100 
  2. Ultimate miracle worker day eye (15ml) $90 
  3. Ultimate miracle worker day cream (60ml) $100 
  4. Ultimate miracle worker night (60ml) $120

For reviewing purposes, I will focus on two products that will suit a wider range of audience and climates:

Ultimate miracle worker day emulsion (45ml) $100 

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Housed in an elegant metallic pink & black bottle, the fitted pump helps to dispense the right amount for each application (2 pumps for my entire face). It has its con with its opaque pakaging - you can't see from the outside when your product is running out, but you can uncap the whole bottle and peek inside, not with some difficulty though.

Texture is smooth, fast-absorbing and lightweight, yet moisturising enough to use alone in the day without layering of other products. In fact, I wouldn't recommend you to layer with other brands' skincare products, as this contains retinol. SPF25 is usually enough for me, as I use this under my BB cushion which normally comes with SPF 50.

End Results: After only a week, my face looks visibly hydrated and more radiant. Pores seemed smaller too! No sensitivity even though my skin is always quite sensitive. After continued use for 4 weeks, I'd expect my fine lines to improve and pores to significantly reduced, as claimed.

Ultimate miracle worker day eye (15ml) $90

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I think this is an absolute God-send because it is challenging enough to find an eye cream in the market that contains SPF; much to less say an ALL-IN-ONE eye product that have anti-aging, multi-rejuvenation properties that targets wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, loss of firmness. 

Totally in love with this product even after a single application!

End Results: My eyes look so much more awake - more hydrated, less puffy, firmer. The best thing is, I know the skin around my eyes are protected with SPF. Eye makeup also seem to hold better with application of this eye cream. This is just the perfect eyecare skin solution I have been meaning to source! Only drawback is the packaging - I wished it came in a tube, not a jar.


Philosophy-Sephora May '16 PROMOTION!

From 1st May – 25th May, you can test out the Ultimate Miracle Worker New range for yourself at Philosophy Pop-up store at ION orchard level 1 Atrium.  
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