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Review of Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal Wrinkles and Firmness + Thoughts on Elixir 7.9 Face Serum and Eye serum



Following my recent shopping haul from Yves Rocher Singapore, I have been most excited to try out and to review this Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Firmness Botanical Resurfacing Care. If you are still not very familiar about the brand, I have written about it before HERE

Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Firmness Botanical Resurfacing Care is actually an non-rinse exfoliant. Means no unnecessary harsh scrubs or extended duration of rubbing on your face. Just apply and go to bed - I think that alone is a major brownie point!

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Yves Rocher needs no further introduction in that fact that they uses botanical extracts in their products and their products are great for the skin. This particular Sérum Végétal Wrinkles and Firmness containss Crystallinum known as Life Plant - and its extracts is used to regenerate protein and combat wrinkles.

Swatches below to help you understand the oily gel texture of the serum:


Swatches above clearly illustrates that this is an OILY gel. It feels oily and heavy too. Therefore, please apply this at night some minutes before going to bed. SKIP your other beauty products.

Smells like a garden of flowers planted on your face after this serum is resting on your skin.

This product is supposed to exfoliate your skin and at the same time, regenerate it and smooth out the wrinkles a bit.

In all honesty, I don't have much wrinkles and I haven't use it long enough to see any effects on my few forehead lines. (I think it is almost impossible for my forehead lines to go away like that without use of a machine or something- they have been there since I was a teen.) I did not use it around the eye areas where more fine lines are present; so again theory can't be proven. 

One noteworthy effect was : Skin is noticeably firmer and more radiance and softer-to-touch the next morning!

However, one thing I dislike about it - it broke me out after two weeks of use. I used twice a week.

I guess it might be too rich for me since it is more targeted towards the thirties and forties - but hey, I am 34 already! 

And only if you have dry skin types or mature skin. NOT recommended for twenty-something skin.


For those my younger readers aged 25-35 and looking for some good natural botanical serums, don't despair if the above seems not to be what you are looking for... I have better stuff to share - something I ABSOLUTELY loved for the past month!

Youth Activating Serum and Reactivating Eye Care

The IT serum line for me! Yayness!
ELIXIR 7.9 line is not a new launch. It's just that I have only started using these recently and want to share a little more about it since it is so amazing.

This is made-to-measure for me totally. Both serums moisturise my skin so well, delivers anti-aging properties sans the undesirable effects such as greasiness, breakouts or milia. My skin becomes plumped, smooth and soft-to-touch. I love it more when the scent is natural and not overpowering (not a fan of heavy synthetic fragrances).

Both serums' texture are very smooth, creamy and the eye serum looks a tad luxurious with that golden nude colour with a sprinkling of light-reflective pigments. The roller mechanism of the eye serum is the bomb. Roll on skin like a dream, disperse the right amount of product and skins feels cool & refresh after each "eye massage".

Have you tried any of Yves Rocher facial care products? Which line is your favourite? If you haven't do check them out at https://www.facebook.com/yvesrochersingapore/ for more details!

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  1. My mom is a big fan on Yves Rocher! :D I once got an Yves Rocher lip balm from her, but that's where my experience with this brand ends. I think she would like the Sérum Végétal Wrinkles & Firmness Botanical Resurfacing Care, though! :)


  2. Yves Rocher is the best dear, esp their lip balms IMO!
    Love love love your review!
    Ai ni!

    IG : @aggylow


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